Class Effects

Below you will find the list of effects and what they do for all classes. Please refer to this list any time you see an ability and don't fully understand it. These names will be used going forward.

Stun X – You skip your next X rounds.

Poison X –  You take progressively more damage for X rounds, and have your ST reduced by -1 for the duration. 
                   (ie: 1, 2, 3, etc)

Fire X –  You take regressively less damage per round, starting at X, and lasting until X equals zero. Your SK is reduced by -1 for the duration. (ie: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

Bleed X - You take 3 damage for X rounds and have your SP reduced by -1 for the duration.

Blind X –  You have a 50% chance to miss, applied before Dodge roll, for X rounds.

Confusion X –  You can attack anyone in combat, including yourself, for X rounds.

Taunt X – Opponents must attack you for X rounds and can only use basic attacks for the duration.

Immobilize – You cannot dodge for X rounds.

Weaken X –  Your non-HP stats are reduced by -1 for X rounds.

Mark - All attacks made against you are Irreducible and automatically "Crit" for the duration.

Null X – You cannot use Specials or Abilties for X rounds.

Bravery X – Y ou deal an additional +X damage for the duration.

Haste X - You automatically attack first each round for X rounds.

Slow X - You automatically attack last each round for X rounds.

Regen X – Y ou heal X HP at the beginning of each round for the duration.

Reflect X– Y ou take zero damage from the next X Specials or Abilities used against you. Instead that damage is redirected back at attacker.

Protect X – Y ou take zero damage from the next X basic attacks that would target you.

Barrier X - You take zero damage from the next X Specials or Abilities that would target you.

Invincible –  You take zero damage from the next attack used against you for the duration.