The Fighting System

Battles are determined based on a 20 sided die. One player gets actions on a roll of 1-10, and the other 11-20. Once this di is rolled, and the attacking player is determined, two more d20s are rolled. The first di determines what sort of attack is being made. The second di determines how the opposing player defends. This same routine is repeated, over and over, until one of the player's HP reaches 0. It's all based on luck. Non-biased and completely fair. 

An attacking player's actions on a d20 are broken down as follows:

  • 2, 4, 6, 8  - Basic Attacks
  • 10 - Critical Attack

  • 1 - Special Item(s)
  • 3 - Class Ability 1
  • 5 - Class Ability 2
  • 7 - Class Ultimate
  • 9 - Ultimate Attack

Basic attacks are exactly as they sound: you strike your opponent for a flat amount of damage. A critical attack is a basic attack that deals a bonus +5 damage. Special Items cover a variety of items that you can aquire over time, such as Off-Hand Weapons, Potions, Summons, and Legendary Items. Once a special item is rolled, the appropirate di is rolled to determine which one is activated. Once per battle items are removed from this list after they have been used. Class Abilities and Ultimates can be found on the Classes Page . An Ultimate Attack is a player's strongest abilitiy. It is usually created by the player and can be found on their Character Page .

You have three categories for your stats: Strength, Speed, and Skill. Each one affects how your character interacts with the other in vastly different ways. For the sake of balance, each of these stats are restricted to a MAX of 10. Below is the breakdown of each Stat and what it does for your character during combat:

Strength is how much damage you can do to your opponent with a basic attack. Damage is calculated as follows: 

  • 1 point = 1 damage 

As you can see, it is a 1-to-1 ratio. So 5 points in Strength would equal 5 basic attack damage. 10 points in Strength would equal 10 basic attack damage. So on, and so forth.

Speed determines the order that players attack in. Players each get their own attack per round, but going first usually has its benefits. The faster you act, the more likey you are to affect things as a round progresses.

It also determines how you react to an attack, and what that reaction might be. A counter means that you take the hit, but retaliate with a basic attack of your own. A dodge means an attack is avoided completely, and deals no damage. Dodge and Counter means that you dodge the attack first, and then deal damage back at your attacker in the form of a basic attack. Speed is rolled on a 20-sided Di. Those rolls are decided as follows:

  • 1 = Counter
  • 2 = Counter
  • 3 = Counter
  • 4 = Dodge
  • 5 = Dodge
  • 6 = Dodge
  • 7 = Dodge
  • 8 = Dodge & Counter
  • 9 = Dodge & Counter
  • 10 or higher = Dodge & Counter & Paralyze.

Skill is what empowers your Ultimate Attack and all Class abilities. It can raise the percentage of the damage dealt, the number of turns an effect is active, or any other variations on attack. Each character will have his/her own Ulitimate Attack, chosen upon joining the site. All Ultimates must meet the following criteria:

  • Ultimate Attacks have to tie in to your Skill in some way, be it the duration of effects, the damage, etc.
  • An Ultimate's base damage is determined in the following way:
    • 3 base damage with no effect. Example: Akuma deals 3 damage to one opponent.
    • 2 base damage with 1 effect.   Example: Akuma deals 2 damage to all opponents.
    • 1 base damage with 2 effects. Example: Akuma deals 1 damage to all opponents and heals for X.

There are very few restrictions on what kind of Ultimate Attack you can have, so if you have a crazy idea that you haven't seen before, it would be best to just send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] and we'll dissect it and promptly reply back.

All Ultimate Attacks are subject to the Devs discretion as we try to balance all attacks. If you are told, "No, we can't allow that special." please don't be offended by it. In the past, certain Ultimates were allowed and became too powerful as the character got stronger. Just keep sending in your altered Ultimate until it is approved.