How does combat work?
​Once a story has been developed by players over a period of a month, the site holds a round of fights, pitting those players against one another on the last week. Ideally players will have their opponents figured out in advance, so that they can tell an interesting story leading up to their fight. At the start of that last week, a post will be made on the Practice Mode that asks players to post their fights.

Once the fights are listed, the developers of Press Start spend the rest of that week rolling and writing the fights using an in-depth, specifically designed fighting system .  Developers lay out a fight with combat rolls, giving them a rough draft for how the fight should play out. They then take the results of those rolls, and write out a detailed story that helps to illustrate what happened in an epic way.

On the last day of the month, the conclusions to the fights are posted on the VS Mode for all players to see. Players can read the results and begin to plan their next story based on how things end up. This allows the process to begin anew, leading to new adventures and new fights for the coming month.