How does it work?
​So you know what Press Start is, but you don't quite get how it all comes together. Well it's actually quite simple. Press Start is broken down into two halves; the writing aspect and the fighting aspect.

Writing involves players telling a story through text that they post to the website. The story written is entirely up to the player. They choose what tale they want to tell, and where they want to take their chosen character. Often times players will include other players, either as allies or enemies, and ideally involves the ever growing story of the site itself. This plays out over the course of a month.

That's when the second half kicks in. Once a story has been developed over a month, the site holds a round of fights among players on the last week. Once the fights are listed, the developers of Press Start spend the rest of that week rolling and writing the fights. On the last day of that week, the results are posted in an epic, penultimate tale that helps to illustrate how the fight went.

This process is then repeated, every month.