Pillars of Evil Summary

Unknown, later known to be Master Xenahort, gathered four of the biggest evils of Atarius and granted each of them enhanced powers and a Keyblade. Each of these Keyblades gathered souls that he would use to later try and unlock Kingdom Hearts.

Rufus Shinra was President during the entire storyline. Princess Peach sat on the Atarian Council to govern the planet and monitor the President. While the Council were instrumental in aiding the world, Rufus eventually seized total control and declared Martial Law. Rufus's actions resulted in alot of innocent people dying but in the end his decisions saved the planet. For better or worse.

This entire storyline took over a year to complete and drastically changed the face of Atarius for generations to come.

The following were the Four Pillars of Evil and some events that happened under their destruction:

King Koopa

  • HP Based
  • The weakest of the Pillars, but by far the largest.
  • Destroyed the Mushroom Kingdom during his brief time as a Pillar.
  • Was defeated by Mario and the other Atarian Heroes and locked away in a prison in the middle of a sea

Shao Kahn, Lord of Outworld

  • ST Based
  • Unified Outworld while reigning
  • Killed Mario at the victory celebration after defeating Bowser. (Opened portal and plunged the blade through his body)
  • Hosted a Mortal Kombat tournament to gather souls. Heroes had to fight Oni and those that won got a chance to fight the Pillar himself. Rufus Shinra represented Atarius in the finals, but ultimately lost.
  • Shang Tsung betrayed Shao Kahn and drained his soul, killing the Pillar before he himself disappeared. The sorcerer took the blade back to Unknown and joined forces with him.

Kerrigan, Queen of Blades

  • SP Based
  • Infected Zelda and turned her into a Zerg Hybrid who fought alongside the Pillar for a duration
  • Led the entire Zerg Swarm to Hyrule
  • Completely destroyed Hyrule Castle and the majority of the area around it was infected with Zerg Creep
  • Sora rose from the among the Heroes to become Kerrigan’s rival and fiercest enemy
  • Avalanche reunited to lead the Heroes to Hyrule to stop the Pillar.
  • Jim Raynor, having the chance to save Kerrigan with a single cure, chose to save Zelda instead and cured her of her affliction
  • Kerrigan managed to flee after being delivered a mortal wound. Her fate is still unknown.

The Architect

  • SK Based
  • Used the Darkspawn to awaken an “Old God”, corrupting the mind of the Aspect Deathwing.
  • A day known as the Shattering occurred – Deathwing awoke from his slumber and burst forth from Deepholm, bringing hellfire and destruction with it
  • Led Atarius into a mini-Blight
  • Wounded from a vicious assault from the Atarian Heroes, the Architect fell before Deathwing did, barely surviving long enough to make a difference in the fight.
  • Thrall was instrumental in his defeat by using the power of the Dragon Soul to distract the Pillar long enough for Duncan, the leader of the Grey Wardens, to deliver the final blow, killing both himself and Deathwing.
  • Erika became the new leader of the Grey Wardens.