VS Mode Player 1

Welcome to the VS Mode. Below you will find the battles and their results each week. Each fight is divided by the face pictures of the players involved. To find your own fight you simple just find your character's picture and read the fallout of your war.
Location: Metro City Ruins
“I do not wish to harm you,” Shen admitted before the fight begun. “However, I will do what I must to prevent you from taking Soldier.”
“I may look like a push over, but I assure you I am not,” Erika warned her opponent while channeling all of her energy.
Shen took a bow and prepared to attack the council woman, “Then let us find out.”
Before the ninja in blue could take any actions, Erika unleashed her full power, SUBJUGATING Shen on the spot. The already weakened Shen suddenly felt worse. He could feel a pull on his very essence as Erika grew stronger by the second. Things were not off to a great start for the Eye of Twilight.
“Wh…what did…did you do to me,” Shen asked as he stumbled backwards.
“I made things a bit more even,” Erika replied. “You aren’t the only one who is willing to do whatever they must to win.”
Shen brought his spirit blade down hard, catching Erika in her shoulder. Despite landing the blow, Shen felt his own body ache. Erika tried to brush off the attack and struck her opponent directly in the chest, sending him backwards. To her surprise, Erika could feel an aching pain in her body as well. They were bound together now, passing their pain back and forth like a ping pong ball.
“You have some sort of…ugh…protective aura,” Erika noted as she winced in pain.
Shen nodded, “It would appear we are more similar than I had anticipated. Do yours shields also require constant concentration to keep up?”
“Why would you ask that,” Erika asked, temporarily startled.
Shen didn’t answer with words, choosing to instead rush his opponent with a series of CONCUSSIVE BLOWS. Erika managed to dodge the first attack, but took two quick hooks to the face. The risk had paid off. Erika stumbled briefly, letting all of her guard down. Shen grabbed Erika by her neck and drove his knee deep into the warden’s gut. As she gasped for air, Erika felt Shen come down on her back with a heavy elbow. As a quick finisher, Shen grabbed Erika by her clothing and threw her onto the ground.
The world begun to spin for the Grey Warden. She attempted to activate an array of abilities, but found that she didn’t have the concentration. As a last ditch effort, Erika cast a protective shield over her to ABSORB any incoming damage. That would give her the time needed to get her focus back.
Shen rushed over to Erika and attempted to kick her in the gut while she was down. To his surprise, the attack didn’t seem to faze his opponent. Erika could feel the brutal attack healing her wounds. The spell had worked. Shen tried a second attack, striking the council woman across the face with his forearm. Once more the attack reverberated over Erika, and then healed her wounds even more.
“What sort of magic is this,” Shen asked, becoming frustrated at his opponent’s endurance.
Erika looked up at Shen with a grin, “I’m tougher than I look. I did warn you.”
Shen struck Erika in the face with a single CONCUSSIVE BLOW, then followed up with knee strike to the side of her head. Erika screamed in anger, pushing off the ground and uppercutting Shen in the process. The SIPHON STRIKE landed right on his chin, and healed Erika even more.
While Shen was licking his wounds, Erika activated all of her powers, preparing a second SIPHON STRIKE and covering herself up with an ABSORB shield. Shen jumped through the air and landed a kick on Erika’s side, but the council woman didn’t seem phased. With a grin spread on her face, Erika returned with an attack of her own. She grabbed Shen by the leg, kicked him in the gut, and then threw him along the ground.
“The tides have turned. Now you will see how strong I truly am,” Erika said, her eyes glowing a bright green. “Carbunkle, to my aid!”
A tiny, green creature squeeled as it popped out of thin air and rushed over to Erika’s side. It wiggled its nose, looked at Shen, and then ran around its master. In seconds a protective aura formed around Erika. The REFLECT shield would certainly prevent any further damage to Erika. The fight was all but over. Shen was the only one left to find out.
The Eye of Twilight regained his composure, concentrated on the remaining energy he had, and rushed at Erika once more. His fists glowed bright as he unleashed a third CONCUSSIVE BLOW. Erika stood her ground, awaiting for the massive attack to land. Shen struck at Erika and felt his fist bounce off an invisible barrier. His fist flung backwards, and right into his own face. Confused and frustrated, Shen tried two more times. Each attack caused his fists to fly back into his own head, stunning him in the process.
Erika shoved Shen away, powered up another SIPHON STRIKE, and then dropkicked the larger ninja. Shen fell to the ground, dazed and all but defeated. Erika calmly got to her feet and walked over to her opponent. She shook her head as she looked down on him, “You are truly lost. I see now that you are not yourself. Perhaps I shouldn’t have agreed to this fight after all.”
“No,” Shen screamed as he tried to pull himself up. “I will…not…let you…take him…”
 “I feel sorry for you,” Erika admitted. “Victreebel, do you mind? I don’t have the heart.”
The creature popped out of its pokeball, slowly walked over to Shen, and tilted its head at the downed ninja. Shen tried to reach for it, but missed. Victreebel squealed and unleashed its devastating leaf blade attack. The razor sharp leaves spun around Shen, cutting and tearing at him. The pain became too much. A broken and defeated Shen fell unconscious at Erika’s feet.
Victreebel made a cute noise before climbing up Erika’s leg and hopping back into its Pokeball. Erika shook her head as she gazed at the broken ninja before her. It had been a quick and fairly painless fight. Much easier than expected. Now Erika could focus on finding Soldier 76 and convincing him to come back to Watchpoint with her.

Erika Wins! – 86 HP