VS Mode Player 2

Welcome to the VS Mode. Below you will find the battles and their results each week. Each fight is divided by the face pictures of the players involved. To find your own fight you simple just find your character's picture and read the fallout of your war.
Location: SHIELD HQ

As the two fighters limbered up a cool breeze blew through the outdoor arena, tousling Shinra’s hair.  He ignored the tousling as he spun the Hextech Blade in his hand.  Sonic stretched up onto his tip toes then bent each leg at the knee, stretching he quad muscles mostly for show as he prepared to use his FRENTIC FIGHTING style.

A loud siren went off to announce the match start and before Rufus could react he felt the impact of Sonic as a ball slam into his gut, uppercut through the chin, and pound the back of his head so Rufus fell forward into the dust.  Rufus spat out a mouthful of blood before rising to his feet.  Sonic skidded to a halt and quickly tapped one foot.

“C’mon, try to keep up!”  Sonic raised his hands to the tepid applause of the audience.  Rufus grit his teeth, then infused his body with white materia.  Once his wing was extended and his fists glowed white he dashed forward to deliver a one-two punch with VALOROUS STRIKES.  Sonic easily dashed out of harm’s way and slapped Rufus’s shoulder as the white materia left Rufus.

“A friendly match, hedgehog?”  Rufus growled.  “It sounds like the only friendly part is the audience to your cause.”

Sonic gestured to himself.  “Rufus, we gotta remind the people what our strengths are.  It’s classic fandom.  I’m blue and fast.”  Sonic flexed as he pointed to Rufus.  “You’re clad in white and crazy strong.  We both know you’ve got insane armor, my head is still ringing from that first strike.”

Rufus nodded.  “Ok, got it.”  Without warning Rufus powered up his VALOROUS STRIKES again and dashed forward.  He swung his blade in a wide X which Sonic easily dodged but the strikes gouged a thick ‘X’ in the ground.  Sonic ran past backwards and gave a thumbs up before leaping into the air and glowing bright yellow.

The crowd fell silent as Sonic transformed into SUPER SONIC.  Once he hovered still, his quills upright as a yellow aura surrounded him the audience exploded with cheers.  Rufus clenched his fist and prepared his PULSE OF THE LIFESTREAM.  Sonic blasted across the ground, slamming into Rufus but catching the Ex-President’s blade. 

Rufus yanked his free arm, twisting the pulse towards Sonic but the hedgehog vanished, moving so fats Rufus didn’t see what direction Sonic went as the offensive portion of the Lifestream fell like a limp rope into the ground.  Rufus felt the few wounds Sonic inflicted healing up just before Sonic reappeared at Rufus’s eye level.  A high speed uppercut hurled Rufus into the sky where Sonic’s golden form was a streak of light dashing and darting and swirling around Rufus.

The audience couldn’t see it but Sonic was delivering hundreds of punches into Rufus’s body.  Rufus tried to focus and centered himself, becoming a WALKING FORTRESS.  Sonic continued to strike Rufus but realized he was doing no damage. 

“Good thinking, Rufus.”  Sonic stopped attacking and dropped back to the ground, his golden quill dropping and turning blue again.  Rufus carefully floated down, his one white wing not flapping as it shone bright.  The audience was now hooting and hollering.  Rufus stared at Sonic with a smirk on his face.

“You know, you’ve barely got a scratch on you.”

Sonic shrugged.  “It’s hard to hit what you can’t see.”

In the next fraction of a second Sonic was moving again but felt the wind get knocked out of him as Rufus caught Sonic with a surprise gut punch.  Rufus leaned in and whispered “It’s also hard to dodge when you do the same move.  Try juking right next time.”  Rufus a grasp of Sonic as he raised his arm and blasted the hedgehog away from him.  Right as Sonic hit the ground he spun to his feet and sprinted towards Rufus who had just activated his FORCE OF WILL.

As Sonic ran he pulled the GOLDEN RING OF THE SUPER SONIC from his pocket, it vanished, and he felt the G-Force pulling at him as he ran in circles around Rufus.  Rufus took shots and swipes at the blue cyclone but either met air or the impact of a Counter Attack.  Sonic slammed his fists into Rufus as he ran, trying to cook up a new strategy to win this put on fight.

Sonic took a chance and swung for Rufus’ jaw but Rufus finally dodged one of Sonic’s attacks.  Sonic’s balance was so thrown off he stumbled forward, rolling on his side through the dust, kicking up a massive dust cloud. 

As Sonic rolled to his feet Rufus landed in front of him, swinging his blade in an ‘X’ again but this time delivering both hits into Sonic’s chest.  Sonic dropped to one knee and raised one hand.  “Ok, ok, you can have this win.  Make sure to play it up for our guys.”

Rufus raised his sword hand, his one wing glowing almost blindingly and flapping excess dust away.  “Even without the aid of Bahamut LIFE, I can lead us to victory!!”
With 26 HP Rufus wins!

Location: Argent D'nur Hell

The demons swarmed around heather and Sigma glowing red from the heat and lava just out of throwing distance.  Heather darted towards Sigma in a rage, slashing twice at Sigma.  Sigma deflected both blows but a shadowy figure clouded his vision for a moment.  Looking to end this quickly Heather stabbed her sword into Sigma’s chest in an attempt to ASSASSINATE him.
Sigma shouted, pulling away and swinging a back hand into Heather’s temple.  She stumbled away from the blow keeping her face to the ground.  Sigma leapt forward sinking his sword into her back only to meet air.  Heather struck both feet into Sigma’s jaw as her SHADOW STRIKE worked like a charm. 

The battlefield glowed a bright red as lava surged like water surging to escape.  Heather ignored the heat as she moved for a follow up attack.  Heather was cut off by Sigma moving too fast to be seen and grasping Heather by the throat.  He clenched once, causing Heather to gurgle in pain.  Sigma sneered.

“This fight was finished before you even arrived little Mason.”

Heather’s eyes glowed with her Heather Beam but Sigma smacked her head with the handle of his beam sword before throwing Heather at the mound of gore he stabbed only moments before.  Heather corrected herself in midair and landed safely on her own two feet.  As a trio of demons appeared in front of her Heather saw a massive horned beast land from seemingly nowhere in front of Sigma.  Sigma summoned a reploid to battle for him but the horned beast tore into the machine with little effort, using its jagged teeth and blood stained claws to rend it to nothing.

Heather ducked the swing of the first grey skinned lizard-like demon.  She sliced it in half, crinkling her nose at the stench that poured out of it.  The two goblin like demons jumped at Heather, one she caught and tossed into the lava while the other latched onto her and bit into her arm.

As Heather wrestled with the one that sank its teeth into her flesh Sigma took a heavy blow from the horned demon.  Dodging the second haymaker blow Sigma grasped into one of the beast’s massive horns, lifting himself up to sink his blade into the monster’s brain, the roar halting to a groan as it fell forward.  Sigma duked aside as it fell into the surging lava.  The sizzle and stink of cooked demon flesh filled the air as Heather sliced into the demon wrangling her, turning her sights on Sigma.

“Isn’t this wonderful?  A true battle of strength on all fronts!”  Sigma cheered.  As he watched Heather wipe the excess blood from her arm he grinned as his MIGHT OF MOCKERY kicked in.  “It’s really too bad you’re not going to live long enough to see it.”

Heather let out a primal scream and ran at Sigma.  He was surprised by heather’s speed and took a pair fo hits before catching her weapon with his own.  Heather pushed Sigma back, forcing him to squash a tiny demon that scampered up from a hole in the ground.

“Yet more proof that-gah!”  Sigma was cut off by Heather dropping low and kicking Sigma’s leg, the CRITICAL HIT knocking him to the ground.  Heather was back on her feet before Sigma could react and she kicked him in the bridge of his nose as hard as she could with her boot. 

Sigma’s eyes rolled, unfocused thanks to the hard impact.  As he tried to rise a pair of goat headed demons ran up and sank their hook shaped claw hooves into his shoulders.  Sigma roared in pain as the demons bleated a hideous cry.  Heather leveled the point of her katana at Sigma’s face. 

“Here is the truth.  The strong have won today.  Yield Sigma, or you won’t live to see me beat you.”

With 28 HP, Heather wins!