Basic Rules

Character Restrictions

There are a few restrictions to the characters that can be selected. We will allow all game console, PC, and arcade characters. The game your character is from must have been a game first, not a movie or book then a game.  Also, you cannot be a sub-character; We will not allow you to be "the third Shinra guy on the right during the 6th boss fight in Final Fantasy VII.." That would be unacceptable. Online RPG characters or any other kinds of characters that are customizable are also not allowed. Any character that has no details, such as a name or a story, like a Diablo 2 main character (ex: Barbarian) will not be allowed either. 

Character Changes, Continues, and NPCs

When you decide to change characters, you will use up one of the 2 Continues you are given when you join the site. That means, you are allowed to be 3 different characters before you run out of continues for the season. We want everyone to have fun and be the characters that they would like to be, but it is a lot of work for Justin to have to change a person every week, so if you do run into the situation where you are out of continues, you have the option of purchasing a Single Continue for a whopping and very costly amount of 500 Coins!

Upon changing characters, the story you created for that character within Press Start becomes null and void. So if you were previously Sephiroth and did a year long story about blah blah blah and then someone else comes along and wants to change to Sephiroth, they can choose play off of what was written by you, or ignore it altogether.

Non-playable characters, or NPCs, are those used by players within their stories. The proper way to address NPCs is to list who you are using on the Options Menu. If other people wish to use an NPC on your list, the proper way is to ask you first as to not mess up your current story. Now, if a person posts their NPC list and it is a 100-people deep then obviously something will be said, but other than that, please adhere to people's list and ask if you need to use someone. There is but one exception to the NPC rule. Here is the best example I can give:

Bob is currently RPing as Mario and within his story he has been using Cloud, Tifa, and Barret. Lisa decides to switch to Aeris and plans to use all of the characters from Final Fantasy 7. While troublesome for Bob, it will be up to Lisa to determine if she wants to go along with what Bob has had planned with Cloud, Tifa, and Barret. Priority of NPCs will be given to the character from the game in which the NPCs come from. Now, hopefully Bob and Lisa can come to some understanding between the two of them, but that is up to Lisa to decide, at least in regards to those specific characters.

OOC and Role Play Board Rules

  1. The Practice Mode page is for messages, challenges, and anything that you as a real life person need to deal with. Also known as the OOC board  (OOC = out of character)
  2. The Story Mode page is the board where you place your role plays with your character. There are to be no OOC's on the RP Board. It is strictly for In-Character stories.
  3. Do not at any time spam the OOC or RP boards.
  4. Do not place your ads or anyone else's on the boards.  If you want an ad placed on the site, email or instant message a Dev.
  5. Each person can only have one character at a time. Anyone who is caught with more than one will be warned, then banned. 
  6. No playing God. That means no controlling other characters or putting words in their mouth without permission. Always ask before using another person's character.
  7. Be true to your character. Don't have Akuma skateboarding or Sephiroth pimping out Aeris. If you have an idea for a character that is way outside of the box, we are not saying you cannot RP it, but the story needs to be really legit and believable.
  8. You must have a minimum of 1 RP a week, with the following conditions: 25 full sentences and/or 5 full paragraphs. If you use alot of dialogue and are unsure of the total sentence count, it would be in your best interest to write more than less to remove all doubt.
  9. NO OOC fights will be allowed. In the event that you cannot RP with a person because of your story, you can borrow someone else's stats and have them act as a character in your story for that week. With that being said, during the month you are only allowed to borrow and/or loan out your stats once. This is not to try and penalize anyone, but it adds more stress to the already difficult job of rolling battles by forcing the Dev to now have to figure out how your brought-in characters fights, talks, etc. 
  10. If you do not roleplay at all within a 3 month period, you will be taken off the site. 
  11. All RP’s must be posted by the last Saturday of each month! All RPs completed and turned in after Saturday will count towards the next cycle.

Role Playing Rewards

Reward Tiers
Each week qualifying RPs are judged by the High Score Devs. They will break a player's RPs into a series of categories and determine a total value. These points will be tallied up at the end of the month and the final number will place a player into a Tier. Those tiers and rewards look like this:

S Tier: 35+ Points (100 Coins)
A Tier: 26-35 Points (75 Coins)
B Tier: 16-25 Points (50 Coins)
C Tier: 0-15 Points (25 Coins)

Story Arc of the Month (The SAMus Award)
At the end of the month, the High Score Devs will look at all players who fall into the S tier and award them the Stor Arc of the Month (SAMus). This award grants a player a badge on their character page for bragging rights. There may be something extra special for the player with the most SAMus Awards at the end of the year.

Rivalry of the Month (ROM Award)
At the end of the month, the High Score Devs will look at the stories that led to each fight that month, and determine the rivarly that stood out as the best. The two players invovled in that rivalry will be awarded the Rivalry of the Month or ROM Award. This award grants both players a badge on their character page for bragging rights. There may be something extra special for the player with the most ROM Awards at the end of the year.

Sitewides will be mandatory for all characters, but in return for your efforts that may cause you to have to divert your current storyline or at least force you to have participate in the most epic of events, most of the time extra rewards are handed out.. if you win.


Battles work like this: Each month a player finds a fight on the Practice Mode(OOC Board) by challenging another character. The earlier the better, so that you both will have enough time to set up the fight and role play it thoroughly. The two players discuss what kind of match it will be and the details of the fight, such as where it will take place and why you will be fighting. Some characters need a good reason to fight, such as two heroes. Just because your characters don't have a good reason to fight, doesn't mean that you can't. There are always training sessions, misunderstandings, etc. Once the where/when/how is agreed upon, both players must set up their fight using their weekly Role Plays on the Story Mode. Please keep you and your opponent in character to the best of your knowledge. If you don't know anything about your opponent, ask him/her.

On the first Thursday of each month, Fights will be asked for on Practice Mode. You or your opponent should respond to this post by typing who is fighting and where it will be. Example: Mario vs. Luigi @ Mushroom Kingdom. If any special conditions for the fight need to happen, please include that information within your fight post and/or discuss them ahead of time with a Battle Dev. (Ben or Blake) This needs to be done before the last Thursday of the month to get a battle rolled.

During the last weekend of the month, the Battle Devs will roll your fights using the Fighting System. Then they will write the results of the battles in a long, detailed story and post them on VS. Mode. So all you have to do to fight is find an opponent every month and role play the beginning of your battle with them. 

Battle Rewards

Win Rewards:   100 Coins
Loss Rewards:   75 Coins 

Match Types

Flawless Victory
If a player defeats an opponent and does not take a single point of damage (Healing does not count), that character will earn the following: 25 Coins!

Death Match
Death matches can be held between characters who have built up a rivalry with each other through several weeks of role plays.  In a death match, you and your opponent fight to the death. The character that dies gets nothing in the way of stats, but doesn't necessarily have to change characters or start over.  The character who wins gets all the stats from both players.  

Tag Battles
There are two types of tag team battles that you can have.  One is a five on five battle royal, where one group of fighters goes into total melee with another group.  The other type is an elimination type match, where you have one person from each group start out the fight.  It is a one on one battle until someone is knocked out.  Once that happens, the next fighter from his team steps in and fights the person who won. The person who won will start with the hp they had left.

Special Battles
Some of the most fun battles are those that are uncharacteristic and out-of-the-box compared to the normal battles.

For example: An arm wrestling match, a poker tournament, etc.

These battles will be rolled just like a normal battle but written in such a way to make sure what you're trying to accomplish does happen. Be creative and have fun and we'll make sure, from the Dev side, to accommodate as many of your wants/needs as we can!

Confused yet?