Sitewide History

Below you will find the entire archive of past sitewides and the stories that were told.

Location: PacLand

Building Rooftops
As the main warship of the Atarius Army, the Sonic Boom, descends from above the blackened city, the battle against the Guardian is already in full swing. This time the Overwatch and the Legends are more in sync with one another and the level of chaos that existed in the previous fight isn't as prevalent.
The Soldiers are all poised atop buildings, using their sniping capabilities to pick off the undead, one headshot at a time. In an effort to save the planet, even the masked man known only as Jhin turns his attention to the dead rather than the living.
“There’s no art in killing what’s already been killed.” Jhin states to the group, taking a moment to reload.
“You can’t even kill the living..” Soldier 76 shouts out to Jhin, earning a high five from Balthier as they rain down headshots upon the walking dead.
“One day I’ll paint the streets red with your blood.” Jhin whispers, plotting the demise of the old soldier from behind his mask.

Down in the Streets
The hordes of the undead are beginning to pile up in the streets, making it difficult for the ground troops to be able to press in. The Guardian is raising the dead quicker than the Overwatch can deliver killing blows.
“We’ve got to get in there!” Cerebella states as she bashes several zombies with Vice Versa.
“Leave it to me!” The deep, robotic voice of Duo booms as he grabs his shield and prepares to charge.
Duo charges forward, using his Ramming Speed, to clear a path through the still moving zombies and simultaneously acting as a bulldozer as the dead zombies are sent soaring into the air.
“Guess we better follow.” Cerebella says as she readies herself and follows suit.
As Duo comes to a halt, he notices that they are nearing the center of the city, the pale green light growing eerily brighter.
“Not much further.” Duo announces, earning a thumbs up from Gaige as she pushes Deathtrap forward in front of her.
“Go forth my mighty steed.” Gaige orders, prompting Deathtrap to stride forward. “Let these vile zombies chomp on your metal flesh. I mean seriously, this almost feels too easy.”
About the time those words escape Gaige’s lips, a beam of green light shoots into the sky and then explodes into hundreds of smaller beams as they cascade down over the city. From below, zombie hands shoot up from the ground, grabbing hold of anything living and tearing away flesh if possible. As the beams of green light rain down into the city, soldiers and Legends alike cry out as their bodies become Afflicted with boils and sores, the venomous spell biting deep.
Gaige stares dumbfounded as she watches the horror unfold.
“You!” Hawke lashes out. “Don’t say another word.”
“Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?” Gaige retorts, her anger winning out. “I’ll talk as much as I damn well please.”
“Yappity yap yap.” Heather says with a smirk. “She’s always talked too much.”
“All of you wait.. when we get done with this.. I’m gonna have Deathtrap kill all of you.” Gaige rages hard as she marches off, blasting several zombies in the process.
“The Hero of Kirkwall in the flesh.” Cerebella says, taking a moment to take in the moment. “Good to meet yah, by the way.”
Hawke nods and drives her staffs into the face of a zombie. “Like wise.”

South of the Guardian
While most of the undead are being funneled towards the front of the city, the backside was a different story. Most of the mages had grouped up here and the Guardian was sending most of the spirits to attack them all, figuring slower moving zombies would be too easy of target for powerful mages. The tandem duo of Black Mages, Ryze and Marisa, tag team yet again to make short work of the spirits however.
“Ice bolts, Lightning bolts, Fire bolts.. oh my!” Marisa exclaims as she launches a volley of spells towards the spirits.
Ryze even snickers as he taps into his spellbook to destroy the attacking ghosts. Some of the zombies had made their way over to where they were perched, perhaps hoping to take a bite out of the wizards. Suddenly, a razor-sharp disc came flying out of nowhere, decapitating the approaching undead in one fell swoop. The disc returns to its master, revealing a figure adorned in ancient armor, equally intimidating as the weapon itself.
“We have to move.” Maiev states, knowing the mages would be the best hope of defeating the Guardian.

Skies over Pacland
“Do it Commander.” Peach orders, signaling for Guile to attack.
“Here comes the boom!” Guile shouts as he fires the airship’s cannons three times, each blast echoing over the entire city.

Down in the Streets
Waves of the undead are sent flying about, limbs and bodies proving no match for the massive cannons of the Sonic Boom. With each blow, the Overwatch forces are able to press in towards the Guardian. From all sides, the Overwatch seemed to have the advantage, perhaps the downside to being in the center of a city and fighting on several fronts.
Then the terrifying wailing began.
The ear-splitting wail of the Guardian pierces through all of the city as it begins channeling its necromantic powers to try and turn the tide. All of the spirits begin swirling about over the Guardian while the zombies begin crawling on top of one another. On opposite ends of the city, two gigantic Grotesque creatures begin to form, each one more disgusting and more deadly than the other.

North of the City
Dr. Eggman  leads the charge towards the massive zombie, his own mech suit allowing him to move about unnaturally fast, while simultaneously dealing massive amount of damage via various weapons attached to the mech itself. The Soldiers on the rooftops fire a constant barrage of bullets towards the behemoth, though the bullets do have the impact they all had hoped for.
“Everyone back up!” Eggman shouts through a bullhorn as his robot hands turned into whirling swords.
Eggman’s blades cut deep into the oversized zombie, knocking it down to its knees. A single swipe with its clawed hand, however, sent the doctor crashing into the side of a building.

South of the City
The mages and Maiev ready themselves to be able to hopefully challenge the intimidating looking banshee. The creature raises its arm in preparation to unleash its own attacks, when the blur of something catches all of their attention. Several wispy energy blasts explode outward from the Spirit’s hand, but each blast as deflected back at its creator. Then, from the center of the Spirit, the glimmer of a legendary Keyblade protrudes towards the group, causing the Spirit to screech in agony. As the Spirit disappears back into the mist, one of the world’s greatest Legends remains in its place.. Sora.
“Is that..” Marisa asks, earning a quick nod from Ryze.

Skies of Pacland
“President Peach!” Aqua exclaims. “Sora has returned!”
The President smiles as she knows in her heart they will survive the day and with any luck they will survive it all.
“Commander, take us down closer!” Peach orders. “Let’s finish this!”

Down in the Streets
As the mega zombie is taken apart, limb by limb, until nothing remains but a pile of undead flesh, the Guardian can feel that it is losing.. badly. The planet can sense it also as the Guardian’s Horn bellows once again across the planet, forcing every Atarian to their knees as the Guardian unleashes its true powers. The Guardian extends its staff outward and as a green glow illuminates from the tip, it plunges the magical weapon into its own chest. The death wail of the Guardian only heralds its true power as it passes from the living over to the dead, gaining an unnatural and unexpected set of powers.
“Now witness true fear!” The Guardian telepathically says to the entire city.
Suddenly, the entire city falls victim to the powers of the Guardian, each person fleeing in terror as their own worst nightmares come to life before them. Zombies begin to attack the soldiers as they can no longer defend themselves, due to the unspeakable horrors that consume their every thought. Not even the Legends can withstand the might of the Guardian as they too are driven to clutching their heads in agony.

Skies of Pacland
“What’s going on?” Peach asks Commander Guile. “What has happened?”
“Seems the entire city has fallen victim to some sort of nightmare spell or something.” Guile replies, honestly unsure of what was happening beyond the obvious. “Madam President, we must do something!”
“I’m not sure what we can do Commander.” Peach replies, unable to process the turn of events.
A massive beam of blue light suddenly streaks past the Sonic Boom and engulfs the entire city. Starting from the outside and working its way inward towards the heart of Pacland, the light wipes away the entirety of the undead army as it finally focuses on the spectral Guardian. As the light becomes more concentrated even the untouchable spirit form of the Guardian wails as death grows close. With one final screech the Guardian is instantly defeated and its body and all of its magic fade into oblivion, leaving behind a heart-shaped crystal. As the nightmare spell ends, all eyes turn to the skies as their savior appears from behind the dissipating clouds.
The armored savior extends a hand out and smoke begins to swirl about until suddenly a Keyblade appears. Sora and Aqua both find themselves eyeballing the unique keyblade, having never seen one like it before. The stranger opens his other hand up and the heart-shaped crystal that was left behind by the Guardian flies from the ground and up to his hand. As all eyes are fixed on the stranger, he tosses the Heart Shard into the air and fires a beam of light from the tip of the Keyblade. The beam of light hits the crystal in its opening and then the crystal explodes into a brilliance of color, sending the particles of the Heart Shard flying back down into the city.

Streets of PacLand
Mr. and Mrs. Pac Man step out from the group as their bodies begin to fade from the bright yellow they are known for, to a dark gray.
“What’s happening?” Mr. Pac Man asks as he watches his feet begin to disappear.
“Nooooo!” Mrs. Pac Man shouts as Mr. Pac Man slowly but surely vanishes into thin air and then seconds later she also is gone.
As the two Legends of the land disappear, so too, does the entire city in a matter of seconds. The buildings and structures that everyone has been standing in and around, suddenly vanish into thin air. PacLand is gone.

Skies of Atarius
“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?” Aqua shouts from the deck of the airship towards the masked man.
Moments before, the floating figure had “saved” the city only to then destroy it and wipe it out of all existence moments later. Those witnessing the events are barely able to comprehend what is happening. Aqua raises her Keyblade and attempts to launch herself at the stranger, but he waves his hand like swatting a fly and she is sent flying backwards, bouncing across the desk of the airship. Rosalina emerges from a cabin and rushes to Aqua’s aid. As her eyes fixate upon the figure, her mind begins to flood her thoughts of what had happened in the cave until suddenly it hits her like a ton of bricks.
Rosalina stumbles backwards, her hand over her chest as her heart begins to beat faster and faster. Guile had joined those on the desk moments before and was lucky enough to catch the Princess as she tumbled backwards.
“Commander!” Peach’s voice pierces the eerie moment over the speakers of the airship. “Attack! NOW!!!”
Commander Guile raises his hand and with a booming voice, shouts, “FIRE!”
The cannons of the Sonic Boom loose their projectiles and as each cannonball rockets towards Atarius’s destructor, everyone holds their breath in anticipation to see if the attack will work. The destructor extends one hand and with a single wave of his hand the cannonballs lose all momentum and plummet to the ground as if nothing has ever happened.
The man lingers a moment longer and then disappears into thin air with a small *pop*.
“What else do you know Rosalina?” Peach’s voice asks over the intercom of the ship.
“He told me his name..” Rosalina replies, her voice quite shaky but somehow focused. “He said his name is..

To Be Continued