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Kerrigan’s Mind

“You’ve failed Sarah Kerrigan.” A Prime’s voice echoes in her head.

“The Zerg are no longer yours to command.” Another Prime speaks.

“Behold our new Queen!” The last of the Primes says, showing her the new Zerg Queen.

Deep Space

As the Zerg forces wait for the emergence of their new Queen, a purplish glow rushes from below on Atarius and up to the lifeless form of Zagara, former Queenmother. As the essence of the Primes surround her body, it begins to thrash about as her bones reset, her insides heal to perfection, and her conscience returns to her body. An ear-splitting screech ripples throughout the universe as Zagara ascends to her new form.

Behold, Zagara, Queen of the Swarm! 
As the new Queen revels in her new powers, the horde of Mutalisks begin to fly around her, their wings creating an eerie sound as the claws scrape together.

“Let us go, my brethren!” Zagara speaks, her mind now connected to the entire Swarm. “We have a home to find.”


As Zelda stands over the fallen Zerg Queen, she stands victorious over the person solely responsible for destroying her homeland and leaving her scarred for life. All the nightmarish suffering she’s had to endure as a result of Kerrigan’s infestation of both her body and her mind all come to an end in this moment. Zelda hears a noise to her left and draws her knife, ready to kill, but sees the nearly-dead Raynor limping towards her. As Raynor nears Kerrigan, he grabs a long piece of metal that was torn off a Goliath and props himself up. A flash of light causes the two shield their eyes, only for Sora to pop into existence as well, each person present to make sure Kerrigan is finished once and for all.

As the last breath of life escapes the Queen, her body finally succumbs to the great equalizer: death. As her body goes limp, so too, does Raynor as he falls to his knees. Sora kneels down beside the battle-hardened Marine and places something in his hand. Raynor opens his eyes to see a very small metal capsule in the palm of his hand.

“This is the last of the cure.” Sora states. “It’s not enough to bring her back, but it will rid her body of the Zerg curse.”

Raynor begins to weep, his tears streaking down his dirt-covered face. “Th-thank you..”

Sora nods as he steps away from both Raynor and Kerrigan’s body. Raynor drags himself over to Kerrigan and pulls the top off of the micro-syringe off with his teeth. With a heavy sigh he plunges the syringe into the gaping wound on her chest. The cure slowly releases from the capsule and instantly Kerrigan’s body begins to change as the Zerg infestation is destroyed from within. Moments later, only her hair has remained the same, but her skin is devoid of any signs of anything Zerg. As Raynor reaches down, he wraps his hands around her body and sobs into her mostly human form, flooded with relief that the scourge of the Queen has finally come to an end.
“Where will you take her?” Zelda softly asks.
“Away from here.” Raynor replies as he reaches up with his free hand to wipe away his tears. “Somewhere where she can rest in peace.”
Raynor pulls a radio from his waist and radios to the Hyperion, telling them where they can find him. As Raynor drops the radio he finally close a painful chapter in his life.
Aboard the Sonic Boom
Off in the distance, the Sonic Boom lowers itself to the ground, now absent a commander. Peach has been giving the orders in Guile’s absence, but could not function any longer when Zelda revealed to the world that she had been operating as the female Reaper, the 2nd-in-command of the Blackwatch forces. After a small panic attack, Peach found herself being forced to lay down in one of the rooms while Aqua took up the mantle of Captain for the time being.
Aqua watched as the Guardian of Hyrule emerged and absorbed the Zerg weapon, all at the cost of its life. As the Heart Shard shimmered after the creature’s demise, Aqua knew Sora would try something, even with Orbis being MIA.
“Lieutentant, I leave you in command.” Aqua instructs, earning a salute from the new Captain of the ship.
Aqua hurries out to the outer deck and just before she leaps off the airship, she has the briefest thought to check on the President, but determines the Heart Shard is more important to secure and departs.
Fields of Hyrule

“I’m begging you!” Zelda pleads, pulling on the shirt of Sora. “Please, do it!”
“What’s she talking about?” Geralt asks, unsure of the situation.
As the other Atarian Heroes begin to recover and come around, they are met with the gravest of situations: Zelda pleading for her world to be unlocked.
“No!” Nora shouts in defiance. “We cannot do this! You will all die! The President..”
“The President is wrong!” Zelda shouts. “Orbis has showed us the path we must take in order for the planet to survive in the long run and Hyrule has suffered enough! My people have been forced to bare the burden of this planet long enough. We’ve been tortured and our lands have been plagued by the Zerg presence for far too long. We cannot suffer any longer. We above all else deserve to be free of the planet and help it to live.”
Another flash of light causes everyone to shield their eyes as another Keyblade Master lands in front of them.
“I can’t let you do that!” Aqua exclaims, Keyblade at the ready. “This is not the way.”
“It is the way, Aqua.” Sora states. “You are blinded by your loyalty to the President . You know you can feel the other’s presence deep in your heart.”
For the briefest of moments Aqua searches her heart, but squashes what she feels, unsure if Sora’s words are true or if it’s just  heartburn. “I will not let you manipulate me. The President has made it clear. All who support Orbis are traitors to the planet! I will not let you kill all of these innocent people.”
Aqua suddenly attacks, her speed unmatched as she kicks the legs out from under Sora and drives her elbow hard into his chest, knocking the already wounded Keyblade Master to the ground. Sora hits the ground and does not get back up, in no shape to counter.
“Princess, please!” Aqua begs as she turns her sights towards Zelda. “Don’t make me do this.”
Zelda unsheathes her Hylian knife and readies herself for Aqua’s attack. “I’ll die protecting the ones I love! I’ll die protecting my people!”
“You are not protecting them.. you would be killing them!” Aqua replies. “And yourself! Surely you do not want to die.”
“No!” Zelda exclaims. “Hyrule will live!”
Zelda tosses a smoke bomb on the ground, concealing her movements, and then darts through the shadows. Armed with a killing intent, Zelda draws back her knife and aims to Assassinate Aqua. At the very last possible moment, Aqua sidesteps the attack, her speed no match for the Princess, and drives the hilt of the Keyblade into the spine of Zelda. The Princess crumples to the ground as her lower body goes limp. Zelda turns over to see Aqua standing over her in a threatening position.
“I will watch over your people.” Aqua states, knowing she will have to take the Princess’s life to quell her attempts.
Aqua takes a deep breath and in a quick motion, draws her Keyblade into the air and in a swift, slicing motion brings it down to end the Princess once and for all.
Aqua and Zelda both are stunned as the Keyblade collides with a metal object. The smoke finally clears and standing over Zelda, brandishing a Hylian Shield, is her protector, Link. Link’s face twists into anger as he steps forward to take on the Keyblade Master.
“You cannot win.” Aqua states, her sword skills unparalleled by any Atarian.
As the two square off with one another, Sora begins to crawl towards the Heart Shard, unbeknownst to Aqua. The flash of swords keeps Aqua busy as Sora nears the Heart Shard. Just as Sora reaches the pulsing crystal, an armored boot steps in his way. Sora follows the boot up to a man, adorned in black armor and sporting a red beard.
“Ganondorf..” Sora spats, seeing the evil Gerudo once again.
Ganondorf looks down to Sora and then reaches down and helps him to his feet. Sora becomes confused as Ganondorf seemingly helps him up, very uncharacteristic of the Gerudo.
“You unlock our world.” Ganondorf instructs. “I, too, grow tired of being pawns in this planet’s endless wars. Only when things return to normal will I be able to reclaim the TriForce and control the Sacred Realm once again.”
Sora sneers as Ganondorf surrounds himself with a dark energy, trotting off to aid Link. As Aqua and Link continue to trade blows, Aqua deftly parries one of Link’s attacks, knocking him off balance and gaining the upperhand as she prepares to run her sword through the Hero of Time. Just when Aqua begins to attack, she is bashed in the head from behind as Ganondorf drives his armored fist into the base of her skull. Aqua staggers forward, barely able to stand, and is then met with the hard metal of Link’s shield as he bashes her in the face. Aqua remains upright for a few seconds longer before succumbing to the blows to the head and collapses onto the ground. Ganondorf moves to deliver the killing blow when Zelda exclaims, “WAIT!”
“There’s been enough blood shed today.” Zelda states. “Let’s just leave this wretched planet behind with no blood on our hands.”
Ganondorf looks over at Link and then back at Aqua, who is obviously woozy but not out cold. Link gives a nod to his arch nemesis and Ganondorf lowers his sword.
“Fine.” Ganondorf says, though swiftly kicking Aqua in the face for good measure.
Link walks over to Zelda and lifts her into the air, her arms draped over her Hero’s shoulders as they walk towards Sora. Sora watches as three of the most enigmatic legends of the planet walk towards him, all about to depart from Atarius for the final time. As they near, Sora pushes himself to his feet and picks up the Heart Shard.
“Thank you.” Zelda says as tears of joy roll down her cheeks. “Don’t take this the wrong way, my dear boy, but I hope we never see each other again.”
“So do I Princess.” Sora says as he tosses the Heart Shard into the air and points his Keyblade directly at it. “So do I. Goodbye.”
A swirl of white and blue erupts from the Keyblade and streaks towards the Heart Shard, hitting it square in the center. Moments later, the Heart Shard explodes into a brilliance of color and in the same instance all of Hyrule vanishes before everyone’s eyes. Sora nearly gets sick as he looks around to see nothing but barren ground, the once proud and mighty Hyrule now seemingly erased from Atarius’s history.
All around Sora, soldiers and Atarians begin to cry, no doubt, those that still think an unlocked Heart Shard results in the death of those affected.
“MURDERER!” A group of Overwatch soldiers begin to shout. “You’ll pay for this!”
“Doubtful.” Sora replies as a red dragon lands at his side.
Back Aboard the Sonic Boom
As a group of soldiers rush Aqua inside on a stretcher, the Keyblade Master throws herself from it as she regains consciousness. Grabbing her head in agony, Aqua pushes her way through the a group of medics who are desperately trying to examine her.
“Out of my way!” Aqua exclaims as she makes her way towards the President.
As Aqua nears her quarters, she stops just outside her door to lean up against it for a moment. The door gives way as she falls into the room, unaware that the door was open in the first place, and she falls to the ground. Though stunned, Aqua pushes herself up to address the President.
“Madam President..” Aqua states as she opens her eyes, fighting through her massive headache.
Aqua wipes her eyes and then focuses hard as her vision returns to normal, only to see an empty bed and no Peach. Aqua darts to the bathroom, to the closet, to every single nook and cranny left in the room before turning back towards the door. Aqua crooks her head as she notices something protruding from the back of the door and walks over to it. There, on the backside of the door, is a Peach with a black knife sticking straight through it and surrounding them both is a large spray-painted Blackwatch symbol.
“NOOOOOOOOO!” Aqua exclaims as her pain can be heard throughout the entire airship.
Three Days Later
As the bagpipes sound off from atop the hill, a regiment of soldiers march out carrying the empty coffin of Colonel Guile. The Commander of the Atarius Army was declared having been killed in action. Various Atarians stand at his graveside, each present for their own reasons, but all to pay respect to the Commander. Each Council member is present, including the newly elected Commander, Ghalt. Per Soldier 76’s recommendation, Ghalt was offered the position and just hours before the funeral was he confirmed by the Council. Normally, the President would have made such a decision, but seeing that President Peach was still missing, a unanimous and unprecedented vote from the entire Council sufficed instead.
As the last notes of TAPS sounds, Ghalt and others politely excuse themselves from Guile’s graveside, leaving only the closest of his friends and allies to remain.
“Commander.” Councilwoman Erika says, gaining Ghalt’s attention. “What ever happened to the leader of the Jennerit forces, Rendain I believe is his name.”
“We’ve got some double agents working for us to ensure his demise down the road.” Ghalt answers confidently. “Don’t worry Councilwoman.. my Battleborn soldiers and I will be keeping a close watch on Rendain and the moment he does anything funny… BLAM! No more Rendain!”
Ghalt flashes an awful smile towards Erika, who snickers as she gives him an approving nod. “Thank you Commander. Best of luck.”
“Thank you mam.” Ghalt replies as he does his best to break away from the crowd of people.


Atarius as a whole is still feeling the effects from Kerrigan’s final attack upon the planet. Though she was defeated and the last of her Zergs were wiped out due to the Cure that Sora secured for the planet, the Queen of Blades had left a deep scar in the heart of the planet, both physically from the drilling and emotionally as her actions cost them the lives of many, including their beloved Commander Guile. The final battle for Hyrule would not be forgotten by those who were there, but many generations from now the name of Zelda and Link would fade from the history books as their world is now gone; a once mighty kingdom now a barren wasteland.
Moving forward, the planet must make the decision who the interim President is going to be. Several names have been thrown into the mix and while none of them have the support that Peach once had, someone must carry the mantle of President until Peach returns to office.


Unknown Whereabouts
“The time has come brother to save this planet! I shall rise to become their savior! Kings and queens alike will bow to me as they beg for my blessings so that their kingdoms may flourish. All will know my name and behold it with a great reverence.” A man revels in a grandiose fashion.
“You’re insane.” A man mutters from inside a magical prison.
“Atarius..” The man continues on, ignoring the slanderous words from his brother. “You shall soon bow to me!”
**The man turns and looks at you, the reader, breaking the fourth wall and grinning maniacally as he truly captures your attention and feels your fear rising**
“You, too, will bow to Omnis!”

Congratulations Atarius! The evil Queen of Blades was silenced once and for all. Below are your rewards for your efforts:

Deep Space Fight:

Double Winning Rewards (Coins)
+1 Damage Weapon Enhancement OR +1 Armor Slot Enhancement 

Hyrule Fight:

Double Losing Rewards (Coins)
+1 Damage Weapon Enhancement OR +1 Armor Slot Enhancement

**Think of the permanent boosts like adding Zerg carapace to your Armor or maybe you ripped a blade from the Queen of Blades cut-off wing and stuck it to your gun, sword, face (if you're Ms Fortune).**

Hope everyone enjoyed the sitewide. Definitely the most extensive to date. Going to be hard to top!**


Rufus stood among the rubble, surrounded by friends and enemies alike, his body battered and weakened. He was the sole survivor of the battle for Southtown. It had all come down to him and Heihachi. Despite wanting to black out during moments of immense pain, Shinra had persevered and landed the final blow on Heihachi, knocking him out cold.
“Don’t move Shinra,” a voice said from behind the former President of Atarius. “You really jacked Mishima’s jaw. Didn’t know you had that in you. He will definitely be feeling that tomorrow. I guess we all will. Damn it, this whole thing is a mess. I should have known not to trust that maniac in the mask. It’ll take me months to fix this.”

Shinra turned, ever so slightly, and looked over his shoulder to confirm the identity of the man who was speaking to him, “Reaper? Let me help you fix this. We can work out a deal.”
“Not a chance,” Reaper spat out quickly. “We’re on different sides, you and I, and I don’t make deals with Overwatch supporters.”
“I’m not with them,” Rufus fired back. “I wasn’t here for them. I came to Southtown because I care about Atarius. This chaos had to stop and Overwatch was a means to an end. So let’s make a deal. I’ll take out the psycho, or smooth things over with Bison and Heihachi.”
Reaper laughed, “You just knocked the man out. You think he’s going to listen to you? Despite being mad at me for this incident, he probably still hates you more. Although…” The leader of Blackwatch thought for a moment, then clicked his gun and pressed it to the back of Rufus’s head. He grinned beneath his mask as he explained his idea, “There might be a way for you to help me after all. What better way to clear this whole mess up than to throw the head of the former president on the council table? They’d be speechless.”
“Wait just a damn minute,” Rufus started to interject.
“Don’t give me lip Shinra,” Reaper said, interrupting him. “I’ll do you in right here, right now.”
Rufus turned around and grabbed the gun with his good hand, holding it tightly to his forehead. He glared at the masked man who was threatening his life and screamed at him with renewed conviction, “You want to shoot me? Take me out, right here? Then go ahead and do it. My death won’t solve anything for you. Not when everyone finds out what you did. Overwatch will hunt you down and make short work of your operation. You don’t have the guts! GO AHEAD! SHOOT ME!”
With a full, belted laugh, Reaper pulled the gun away from Rufus and held up a single finger, “Nah. That’d be too easy. First I want you to beg. Drop to your knees, grovel before me, and beg me not to kill you. I want to savor the moment that Rufus Shinra pleaded for his life at my feet.”
“Not a chance,” Rufus replied, his conviction still holding strong. “I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction.”
“That’s what I figured you’d say,” Reaper admitted before pulling the trigger on his gun without hesitation.
Rufus’s scream echoed off the docks as he fell to his knees and held the side of his head. The shot hadn’t struck anything serious, but managed to take a portion of the former president’s ear. A loud ringing reverberated inside Shinra’s head as he could feel the blood oozing from his eardrum and down the side of his head. “You crazy mother f…GAH,” Rufus screamed up at the man before him.
“Don’t be such a baby. I’ve taken worse shots than that,” Reaper offered as he moved his gun and placed it directly in front of Shinra’s face. “Now beg.”
Rufus wanted to strike Reaper down where he stood. It took everything in him to not act against his attacker, but deep down Shinra knew that he was too busted up to mount any sort of fight now. Even his greatest ally, Bahamut, wouldn’t answer him now. The energy needed to sustain the summon would potentially kill him. There simply wasn’t any other answer.
Tears rolled down the former president’s face as he closed his eyes. Shinra reached out to the only one who could help him. He placed his hands together, and he prayed, “Aeris, I’m sorry. I tried to be the best man possible. I tried to measure up to the potential you saw in me. I hope that you can forgive me where I have failed. If I die here today, know that I did everything I could to make things right.”
Disgusted by this act, Reaper took the still smoking gun, and placed it on Rufus’s forehead, “I don’t know who you’re praying to, but I assure you, they can’t help you now. See you in hell Shinra.” Reaper took careful aim, and tightened his grip on the trigger.
A loud shot rang out through the open warehouse. There was no scream. No sound of struggle. Just the sick thud of a lifeless body falling to the ground.
Rufus heard the shot, and opened his eyes to see Reaper lying on the ground before him. Confusion set in. Had Aeris answered his prayers? He couldn’t believe that he was alive. Suddenly his eyes rolled into the back of his head, and the world went black. In seconds he was on the ground, unconscious.
“Shinra, are you ok,” an older man’s voice called out to the former president. “Hey, don’t you dare die on me now. I just got here damn it! Rufus, hey.”
As he felt someone grab him and slap him on the face, Rufus slowly opened his eyes to see a blurry figure of a man. His gray hair stood out, as did the bright red visor that covered his face. It didn’t take long for Rufus to figure out who had saved him. He mustered a grin and faintly utter the word ‘thanks’ before passing back out.
Soldier 76 shook the former president once more, “Oh come on kid. Stay with me.” 76 looked over his sholder and yelled for help, “I need a medic over here, stat!”
Several Overwatch soldiers came rushing into the warehouse at once. Among them was the acting President of Atarius, the keyblade master Aqua. She covered her mouth with her hand as she turned a corner and saw the scene that had played out. Aqua slowly moved in closer, and got a look at Reaper’s body. Shock quickly turned to anger as she looked at Soldier 76 and scolded him, “What have you done?”
“I did what I had to do,” Soldier replied, not even taking the time to look at Aqua. His attention remained on Rufus and the medical staff that was attending him. Although they had found themselves on opposite sides more than once, 76 knew that Shinra had the potential to be a great man. He couldn’t let that slip through his hands before he had had the chance to prove everyone wrong. “Come on kid, you’re tough. You can make it through this.”
“Don’t ignore me Commander,” Aqua barked, moving away from Reaper’s body and over to where 76 was kneeling. “I asked you a question. I demand to know what you did here.”
With a heavy sigh, Soldier 76 turned around and met Aqua’s gaze, “I shot him. It was me. He was going to kill Rufus, so I took the initiative and I fired first. It was my only option.”
“You’re only option? Commander, both of us know that isn’t true. You could have wounded him. There was no need to kill him,” Aqua explained, talking down to Soldier as if he were a child.
Soldier shook his head side-to-side, “Don’t do that.”
“Do what,” Aqua asked.
“Don’t look at me like that, judging me for my call, and treating me as if I’m some yellow kid that just got his uniform yesterday. I made a call. It was mine to make,” Soldier explained, getting to his feet so that he could look at the acting President directly in the face.
“So you’re telling me that your history with this man had nothing to do with you killing him? That never once came up? Are you telling me that didn’t affect your actions here? Because if you even so much as try to use that excuse on me Commander, I will have you arrested on the spot,” Aqua said, getting up in Soldier’s face.
76 stood his ground against the Keyblade Master, and calmly replied, “Our past had no effect on the actions I took here today. I made the call because I saw it fit to do so. It was my only option.”
Aqua dropped her gaze, letting her eyes fall to the floor. She thought about the man’s reply, then shook her head, “I’m sorry to hear that Commander. You leave me no other choice. Lieutenant,” Aqua spoke up a little louder, gaining the attention of a nearby soldier, “please arrest this man. Take his weapons and armor, and put him on the first chopper back to Watchpoint.”
“Yes madam President,” the soldier replied as he moved over to Soldier 76.
“Now wait just a damn minute. You can’t do this. I’ve done nothing wrong,” 76 offered as he held up his hands into the air.
“You killed a man who was wanted in eleven countries for theft, treason, arson, and murder. Because of you Commander, he will never see true justice. You’ve taken that from those countries, and from Atarius. You will be tried by me and a council of your peers. We will see what they think of your actions here today. Until then, you will rot in the prisons of Watchpoint, just like all the other criminals. Please, take him away,” Aqua explained, her voice surprisingly cold.
Soldier shoved the lieutenant out of the way, “don’t put your hands on me kid. I am no criminal!”
“Men, detain this man. He is not only a murderer, but he is now resisting arrest,” Aqua demanded, turning towards a few of the remaining soldiers who had survived the battle of Southtown.
“No,” Soldier barked as he finally stopped struggling and fell to his knees, his hands above his head, “don’t ask them to do that. I will go peacefully.”
Aqua flashed a half smile at the defeated old man, “That’s more like it. Take him away.”
A group of soldiers helped 76 back to his feet, took his gun, cuffed his hands behind his back, and removed his visor. As they all begun to march back to the helicopter, Soldier noticed a few medics checking on Reaper. He stopped dead in his tracks and peered closer to see the man’s face as the medics took off his mask. One of the men shoved 76 on the back and yelled at him, “Keep moving sir. I don’t want to force you.
76 frowned and looked back, “Wait, please. I need to know.”
“Know what,” one of the female medics asked, taking notice of the struggle at her side.
“His face, I need to see it,” Soldier explained to the woman.
The medic looked over to Aqua, who was standing nearby. She raised an eyebrow at the request, trying to figure out if she’d give 76 what he wanted.
“Please,” the elder man begged. It was obvious in his face that this meant the world to him.
“No,” Aqua decided. “We’ll let the autopsy reports during your trial reveal that. Take him away, I will not ask again.”
Solder 76 rustled and fought the Overwatch soldiers, but couldn’t manage to get away now that he was handcuffed. He groaned and glared back at Aqua as they passed her by. 76 spat at the President’s feet as he barked at her one last time, “This isn’t over bitch. I’m on to you. I know what is going on here. Before this is over, I will see that you get yours. You and that fake God of yours!”
Aqua smiled devilishly in return, “Not if you get yours first old man.” Before Soldier could reply, Aqua motioned for the men to move on. She stepped deeper into the warehouse and took note of the many warriors who were still laid out. Looking back to the remaining soldiers and medics, Aqua called out her demands, “Alright everyone, we’ve got a lot of injured fighters here. We need to check on everyone and make sure we arrest everyone who has an affiliation with Blackwatch.  Once we’ve cleared out this area, we’ll move deeper into the city to check on survivors there.”
The soldiers all nodded, before scurrying off somewhere to do the work they were given. As Aqua started to move out of the warehouse, she stopped and turned back, making one last request, “Oh, and someone make sure the media knows what we’re doing here. We want to make sure they see everything.”
“We’re stuck,” Sora finally said, moving around the dark room with his hands on his hips out of frustration.
“Don’t give up just yet,” Peach replied.
Rosalina leaned against the wall she had been searching and let out a heavy sigh. She let the tiny luma she had been holding float upward and create more light in the darkened area, “I hate to agree with him, but I think we’re screwed.”
Peach shook her head side-to-side, “No. No way. We just haven’t figured it out yet. There has to be something along these walls that opens a door. Why would there be a room with no doors down here?”
“Because, it’s a trap. One we fell right into,” Rosalina admitted.
“It is my fault,” Sora offered. “I should have known that Omnis would have something ready for anyone who tried to sneak down here. I could have been more careful. Now I’ve got you both involved.”
“Don’t be that way,” Peach said, walking over to the young keyblade warrior and placing her hand on his shoulder. She tried her best to grin and encourage the boy, “I’ve found myself in far more dangerous places before and managed to get out. We’ll find our way out of this mess too.”
Rosalina laughed, drawing the attention of the other two, “Ha! Sorry, but I couldn’t help to think about calling a plumber for help when you said that.”
Peach frowned and let her gaze fall to the ground, “Yeah, what I wouldn’t give for one of those right about now.”
“Crap, I’m sorry Princess,” Rosalina said, trying to apologize.
“Don’t worry about it,” Peach interjected. “It’s just that, I miss him. So much.”
“You will be reunited with him again, some day,” a mysterious voice called out from one of the nearby walls.
Sora summoned his keyblade and stood in front of the two women who were with him, “Omnis? Have you come to stop us from spreading the truth about your lies? Why don’t you show yourself!?”
The voice on the other side of the wall giggled in response, “No, I am certainly not him. Just a prisoner, such as yourselves. Though I’ve been down here much longer than you have.”
Sora walked over to the wall and ran his hands across it. There was a faint hint of reflection and shine behind the dust and dirt. It quickly dawned on him that the wall was made of a sort of glass. He took his keyblade and struck at the wall with all of the strength he could muster, but the metal blade just bounced off. “Damn. Sit tight sir, I’m gonna get you out of there, somehow,” Sora exclaimed as he moved back.
Peach moved over to the wall and dusted it off with her glove. She too noticed it was a glass-like wall. “Why were you imprisoned here,” the former President asked of the man on the other side.
“For the same reasons as you I’m afraid,” the man offered. “To prevent me from telling the truth.”
“Is it true then? Is Omnis a false God,” Peach asked, gripping the nearby wall as she waiting for an answer.
“I’m sorry to say that the answer to your question is rather complicated,” the man replied. “You see, he is a God, but he isn’t looking out for the people of Atarius. He only cares for himself and the planet.”
Rosalina walked closer to the wall and joined Peach. As the two begun to wipe at the wall, they could make out a blurred silhouette of the man on the other side. There was no light inside his room, and so it made it difficult to make him out. Rosalina furrowed her brow as she spoke through the wall, “Why care for the planet, but not its people?”
“Because the planet offers him something, while the people are merely tools to get what he wants,” the man answered.
“What is that,” Sora asked as he concentrated on the wall before him. He tried to find the energy he had come to know as that of a keyhole. There wasn’t any port on the wall. Nothing he could connect his keyblade to. Getting fed up with the traditional way of opening sealed doorways, Sora took his keyblade and pointed it straight at the wall, and fired off a bright white beam. It struck the glass, moving dirt and dust around, but dissipated into the air as it rolled off. “This is beginning to feel hopeless guys, sorry.”
“What does any man want? Human or deity,” the man asked, expecting nothing in response. “Power. There is never enough, not even for a so-called God. He craves it. He thinks he needs it. For what, I have never understood.”
“Gain all the power in the universe, and have nothing with which to do with it,” Sora added, taking note of the power crazed men he had fought against in the past.
“Exactly my point,” the man admitted. “What would you do then? It’s like an animal catching its prey and not having an appetite. What does it do then?”
Rosalina nodded, having thought it through herself, “You’re right. It seems almost pointless.”
The man on the other side of the window placed his hands on the window and muttered to himself, “
Non intelligitis.”
Suddenly the wall lit up, with markings all along it. It hummed and moaned in some random tones, and then it fell dormant once more, leaving everyone in the room to question what had happened in the dark.
“What was that,” Peach asked as she slowly backed away from the wall.
“Wait, what did you say,” Sora asked the man on the other side.
The man looked at the wall before placing his hands back on the glass, “I put my hands here, and I said non intelligitis.”
Once more the room lit up with bright lights. Strange symbols covered the glass-like wall, causing it to hum and whistle, but nothing followed. The room returned to dark in seconds. Peach shook her head in disbelief as she called out to the man again, “What does that mean? Why would the wall react to it?”
“It is my native tongue,” the man explained. “It means-“
“I don’t understand,” Rosalina said, interrupting the man.
“Yes,” the man replied softly, “how do know that?”
Rosalina frowned, holding her head, “I don’t know exactly. It just came to me. It’s as if I have been speaking that language all my life, but I couldn’t say it back to you if my life depended on it.”
“Interesting,” Sora added, not quite sure what to think about anything now.
“How does an entire language get buried deep into my subconscious like that, without me ever knowing,” Rosalina asked, knowing full well no one in the room could know the answer.
Peach scratched her head and ran her hands through her long hair, “I can’t say that I’ve ever learned a language on the subconscious level before. Why that language? It could have been one of hundreds.”
“It is the basis for all languages,” the man explained. “You see, it is the original language for all worlds. The same language that Omnis uses.”
“Wait,” Sora yelled, “Omnis resided inside of you, right? So what if it’s possible that you picked up some knowledge of him and his people while he was using you as a host?”
The man on the other side of the wall laughed, “That is quite the theory young man. A genetic alteration from the remnants of possession. Fantastic!”
“No offense, but it doesn’t feel that fantastic,” Rosalina said, still horrified from what could be happening to her.
Sora walked up and touched the wall once more. He felt around and tried to find any sign of the markings. It was clean. Nothing was there. He thought for a moment, trying to piece all of the puzzles together in his mind. Then it came to him, “It’s a voice activated safe.”
“A what,” the man asked, confused.
“You placed your hands on the wall and said some words in the ancient text, which activated the wall’s defenses,” Sora begun. “That means that we know how to get you out. We just have to figure out what the right phrase is to unlock the door.”
“It could be anything,” Peach offered.
Rosalina nodded, “She’s right, we could be here for days trying out different phrases.”
“Are there any phrases in your language that would make sense for lock,” Sora asked the man.
“Not directly. It could actually be anything. Omnis could have made it ‘open’ or ‘bow before me’ for all we know,” the man admitted.
“Great, we’re back to being screwed,” Rosalina said with a frown.
“Not yet,” Sora replied. “There is a solution to this. We just have to think it through. Try a few things. See how the wall responds. Maybe it’ll give us a clue.”
“The boy is right,” the man said from the other side of the wall. “We can sit around here all day, arguing over what to do, or we can start trying words or phrases and see what happens.”
Sora nodded, “Right, so let’s get started.”
Over the next few hours, the four prisoners worked diligently on trying to crack the code on the wall. They had the mysterious man say every word or phrase they could think of that fit Omnis. Nothing worked. What was worse, the wall didn’t seem to give any clues as to how close or far they were from being right. It was beginning to feel hopeless.
“Hold on,” Rosalina finally said. “Everyone be quiet and let him try another phrase.”
“Why,” Peach asked, confused and frustrated.
“Just trust me. I need complete silence,” Rosalina answered. She placed her hands on the wall and closed her eyes. Sora and Peach stepped back, giving Rosalina some space and waited to see what was happening. The man did as he was asked and placed his hands upon the wall and spoke a phrase in his native tongue. The wall lit up, it hummed some sounds, and then dimmed.
“Alright, so why did we do that,” Sora asked.
Rosalina slammed her fist on the wall as she spun around and looked at her friends, “this is so frustrating. I know it. I know that sound. It’s so familiar to me, but I can’t place how or why.”
“Actually, now that you mention it,” the man replied, “it sounds familiar for me as well. Where do I know that from…”
Peach thought for a moment and then offered her own theories, “could it be a hymn or some sort of theme from his past?”
“How would our new friend and Omnis both know a similar theme? In fact, why do you speak the same language as he does? You seem to know a lot about him,” Sora pointed out, quickly becoming suspicious of the other man.
“That’s right, you said you knew some truths about him,” Peach added.
The man sighed, pausing before he answered, “There is a lot I need to tell you. More than we have time for right now. Please, if you will just get me out of here, then you can ask me anything you want. If you don’t like what I have to tell you, then you can stuff me back in my cage.”
“I don’t kno-,” Sora begun to counter, but the ground beneath them begun to violently shake. The walls shuddered as a loud hissing noise echoed throughout the dark chamber. Something bad was happening.
“What was that,” Peach asked. “Did we set off some kind of alarm?”
“No, not likely,” the man replied. “That was something much worse. We must move quickly. Please, get me out of here.”
Sora shook his head, “Not until you give me something to go on. At least tell us what just happened.”
“I’m not positive,” the man begun, “but that sounded to me like a Guardian awakening from its sleep. That means that another world is about to be locked or set free. Either way, we need to act quickly.”
Peach looked at Sora and shrugged her shoulders, “It sounds plausible to me.”
“I’ve heard the Guardians awaken before, and I’ll admit that wasn’t too far off from what I’ve heard before. I feel like he may be telling the truth,” Sora explained. “Either way, if the worlds are breaking apart, that means we need to be there to try and save them. I don’t want another world lost to us. Too many people have gone homeless because we did nothing.”
“Fidelis” Rosalina said beneath her breath.
Peach and Sora looked at one another and then over to Rosalina, “what?”
“I don’t know. It just came to me. The music notes, combined with your talk of the worlds. That was the word that floated to the top,” Rosalina admitted.
“Of course,” the mysterious man added. “It makes perfect sense now. The music, why it sounded familiar and why he would choose that word.”
Sora furrowed his brow and slammed his fist against the glass wall, “What word? What does it mean?”
“It’s the sound that the first ever creations made when Omnis appeared before them. They would sing that song to him as a sign of faith,” the man explained.
Peach leaned against the wall, thinking about the image that the man had described to her. It was breathtaking to consider. She looked through the wall at the man’s silhouette and pondered, “So then what is the word? What does it mean?”
Rosalina shed a single tear as she held her stomach and kneeled next to the wall. The emotions weren’t hers. They were created by the memories of someone else’s life. It was Omnis’s feelings. Something terrible happened; something that tore at his heart. He had locked them away inside of her. With a heavy heart, Rosalina looked up at her friends and opened her mouth to recite the translation, but barely managed a whisper, “Loyalty. It means loyalty.”
“Why would he use that? Of all things,” Peach questioned as she knelt down to help her friend.
The ground shook and rumbled around them. Sora shook his head in response, “It doesn’t matter. We have to try it, now. The world needs us.”
“Agreed, everyone stand back,” the man said as he stood up and placed both hands firmly on the wall. He closed his eyes and thought of the scene he had described before. The man frowned as he pictured the group of beings bowing before Omnis, singing to him. It reminded him of his own actions, and why Omnis chose the word. It made him sad, and it gave him anger. Pushing those feelings aside, the man said the word, and waited to see what happened.
The wall lit up, the symbols appeared, and this time, as the sound chimed throughout, the symbols moved around the wall. Finally they combined together, to form a silver circle on the wall, just before the wall itself begun to shake.

In seconds the wall lifted into the ceiling, and revealed the man standing behind it. Sora, Rosalina, and Peach all gasped as they saw the figure clearly, for the first time.
“Orbis!?” they screamed in unison.
The man made a half attempt at a smile before crumbling to the ground before them. Sora rushed to his side and helped him up. He looked his former ally in the eyes and tried to push back his own emotions of joy, “How long have you been here? What did he do to you?”
“There will be time to explain. First we must help the planet. He has drained me of most of my power, but I think with your help I can get us out of here,” Orbis explained to his friend.
Peach looked on in shock, trying to process it all. She finally shook her head and asked Orbis herself, “is it true? Is he evil?”
“He is not here to help you, or the planet,” Orbis explained. “My brother is many things, but a savior isn’t one of those.”
“So then,” Peach paused, thinking how best to say her next thoughts, “you saved Rosalina? You never meant to kill her?”
Orbis nodded, “correct. Now come, we must hurry, before it’s too late.”
Peach joined Sora in helping Orbis stand up, while Rosalina hugged her friend close. For a moment, they all felt happy. Their spirits renewed. Sora held out his Keyblade and pointed it upwards towards the ground, where the Tree of Life rested. Rosalina frowned, thinking of Orbis’s warning, and asked one last thing before they escaped, “What happens if we’re too late?”
Orbis lowered his gaze to the ground, sorrow filling his eyes as he answered, “Then it will mean that he has become too strong. Omnis will have become unstoppable and all hope will be lost.”
Celadon City
As the residents and their Pokémon go about their daily lives, growing stronger in battle and growing closer to one another, none are aware of the self-proclaimed "savior" hovering above their city. Omnis looks down over the Celadonians, a group of people and creature never destined to be a part of his original design, and scoffs.
"Pathetic." Omnis says as he peers down to the mundane lives of the residents. "And now to draw out the Guardian."
Omnis extends his finger towards the ocean surrounding the city and fires a beam of light into the vastness of the water. Suddenly, a violent explosion rips apart the sea causing the ground to shake and massive tidal waves to begin to form. Moments later, a wave of death is rushing towards the island, threatening to wipe it out in one fell swoop.
"Let the worthy rise among the weak." Omnis declares as he waits for his prize.
The sirens begin to sound as the city's officials realize their doom is near, urging the citizens to seek whatever shelter they can. The screams of the trainers and shrieks of the frightened Pokémon reach the ears of Omnis and he begins to cackle, pleased with his work. As the tidal wave nears, the water is drawn back to the pull of the wave, beaching Magikarp, Staryu's, and other water-type Pokémon. An older man sits with his pole in the water, puzzled by the sudden lack of water until he checks up to see the massive wave coming towards him. Knowing his body cannot move quick enough, he closes his eyes and accepts his fate, glad to be doing what he loves as his life ends.
And then the wave hits, lifting up the entire beach and catching the entire city in its destruction. The tidal wave roars through the city, crashing over the forest and drowning the Celadonians. Some manage to escape, using their flying Pokémon to escape the wave while others hitch a ride on their water Pokémon. The ground type trainers along with their Pokémon are perilous to stop their own deaths, succumbing to the massive wave.
And then the Guardian awakens. The fabled original Pokémon, Arcaeus, streaks into the area, ready to defend the main island from whatever force would be the cause of its potential destruction.

"Celadon City!" Omnis shouts, his godlike voice echoing down into the city. "Your savior has arrived!"
Omnis moves with unnatural speed and flies to stand in between Arcaeus and the city. The Celadonians present look on in awe as Omnis raises his arms, shielding the city from whatever the Guardian would do. Arcaeus shrieks as it detects Omnis to be the threat, but unbeknown to the Celadonians, this attack is quite planned.
"I will not let you harm these people anymore!" Omnis exclaims.
Arcaeus uses its most powerful technique, Judgment, causing beams of light to fly towards Omnis.
"And now to put on a show!" Omnis thinks to himself.
Omnis creates a wall that expands from his own body and then outward until it is large enough to shield the entire city. The beams of Arcaeus's attack grow wider and intensify as the powerful Pokémon focuses its energy to try and pierce through the wall. Omnis plays it up like he is struggling, feigning like the attack is pushing him back and allowing a couple of beams to penetrate through.
"Come on!" One of the Celadonians shout to his fellow friends. "We have to help!"
The rallying cry of the brace trainer is enough to spur the remaining survivors into action as they use their Pokémon to fire back as the Guardian. Omnis smiles as the Celadonians help to destroy their Guardian, unknowingly aiding his cause. Suddenly, Arcaeus begins to falter. Not because the attacks of Pokémon are powerful enough to matter, but because it begins to lose heart as its own kind turn on it.
"Yes, yes!" Omnis shouts. "It's waivering!! Give it all you've got!"
The trainers urge their Pokémon to push themselves to the limit, using their ultimate techniques at will. Arcaeus can sense it has lost and ends its Judgment attack, choosing to try and flee to fight another day.
"Get it!" The trainers declare, but Omnis raises his hands, halting their advance.
"No." Omnis calmly states. "I've got this. Thank you for the assistance."
Omnis surges forward and flies ahead of the fleeing legendary Pokémon, taking it by surprise.
"Time to die!" Omnis states as he summons his Keyblade to his hand out of thin air.
Arcaeus cannot stop fast enough to prevent Omnis from running it through with his Keyblade, the death wail of the original Pokémon piercing the entire species. As Omnis rips his blade from the chest of the mythical beast, its body disappears and begins to swirl about until the Heart Shard appears, floating in mid air before the savior. Omnis smiles as he senses the Shard, knowing his power is about to grow exponentially. Omnis points his Keyblade at the Heart Shard and then uses it to bind it, locking the entire world to the planet.
A silver 'O' appears over the hole as the world fully binds itself to the planet. Omnis's Keyblade disappears as he extends his arms, the Heart Shard flying towards him and melding into his own body.
"Yes!!" Omnis exclaims as he feels the rush of increased power within his body.
Omnis looks down to see the surviving trainers moving towards him and takes the next step to solidify his stance as their savior.
"Celadonians.." Omnis bellows. "You are safe now. Now to your Savior and you will never suffer such a fate again. Pledge yourselves to me and I will forever protect you."
At first no one moves, but then trainer and Pokémon alike do as instructed and bow before their savior, pledging their lives to Omnis.
"All hail Omnis, our savior!" The trainers offer back in exaltation.
Though invisible to the Celadonians, Omnis smiles as he can see the silver 'O's' light up on the foreheads, human and Pokémon alike, their souls forever belonging to him.
The Savior of Atarius!

Skies above Metro City

Per his routine, Omnis blinks into existence high above the city and readies himself to face the Guardian of the city. The people of this world would yield strong fighters and high-ranking political officials to his cause, so locking this world is imperative to furthering Omnis’s plans.

“Let’s see what you got Atarius.” Omnis announces as he extends his Keyblade out and sends a blast towards the outskirts of the city.

A bright flash of light erupts across the sky as the blast streaks towards the ground, causing all eyes to turn upwards. Moments later the blast explodes, blowing a hole so deep into the ground that one might think an underground volcano might have exploded. Dirt, debris, rock, and flames fly up into the air casting shade over the city as the sun becomes blocked due to the intensity of the explosion. As the deafening sound of the explosion subsides, another sound suddenly fills the ears of Metro City: the Guardian’s Horn. The foghorn type sound bellows across the region, heralding the emergence of yet another Guardian.

“RRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR!” The Guardian shouts at it emerges from its ancient chambers.

Pawing at the ground like a bull before charging, the massive Guardian prepares itself to destroy the city, no doubt the threat coming from within it. The Guardian’s massive horn turns red hot and smoke begins to roll off of it as it’s rage increases until finally it begins to charge. The ground shakes with every thunderous step, buildings beginning to fall as the mighty creature gets closer and closer. People within the city begin to panic and flee as the Guardian-caused earthquakes rip apart the city, shaking the city down to its core. Members of the SHIELD brace themselves and do their best to protect the civilians still left in the city, the efforts led by Rufus, Gaige, Sonic, and Drake. Warden Erika and her group of trainers are also aiding in the evacuation plan amidst the chaos.

“Brace yourselves!” The Boss exclaims to her gang.

The leader of Blackwatch, Jhin, steps out from the shadows, shocking both the Boss and her posse as he stands quite resolute as the town collapses around him. “Quite a show. Time for the masterpiece!”

High above the city, Shen appears from the Outworld portal, looking down into the city. “It would seem the scales have tipped. I must act.”

Another loud roar turns the cities’ attention back to the sky as the Guardian finally towers over the cities’s highest building, it’s mighty Horn striking fear into all but the most brave. Just as the Guardian attacks, a shining light breaks through the clouds, the Savior arriving in the nick of time to save the city. The Guardian’s horn collides with Omnis’s Keyblade, the two weapons bursting into a brilliance of light. The Guardian screeches as it is propelled backwards, caught off guard. Omnis is also thrown backwards, the force of the horn more than he originally bargained for. The Savior smirks, thankful something still posed a mediocre threat.

“That’s it!” Omnis exclaims. “Put on a good show for these lambs! Help me lead them to the slaughter!”

Omnis’s shouts allow the Guardian to lock on to it, prepping for its most devastating attack. The Guardian’s body starts to glow red, starting from its chest and travelling up to its horn until finally a red, hot beam of fire erupts from the tip of the horn. The Inferno Beam burns through the air until it engulfs Omnis, the entirety of the attack overwhelming the Savior. Omnis laughs from within the cone of fire until he finally waves his hand, ending the charade. With the blink of eye Omnis teleports behind the Guardian and drives his Keyblade into the base of the creature’s skull. The death wail shatters any remaining class in the city as the Guardian crumples to the ground. As the behemoth falls atop several buildings, it’s body disappears, causing its Heart Shard to rise into the air.

“Fear not Metro City!” Omnis exclaims, his voice being heard in the heads of all those within the city. “I have come to save you.”

“No more lies, Brother.” The voice of Orbis also says within the minds of all those present as Orbis appears in the sky as well, his blue aura shining bright.

“Nice hair.” Omnis mocks seeing his brother’s shaved hair. “All patched up and better, I take it? Did you take some Advil? I hear that stuff works wonders for a headache.”

“Enough!” Orbis shouts defiantly. “This world is not yours to take. It’s people are not yours to enslave!”

“This whole planet is mine!!” Omnis fires back. “Let me show you a trick!”

Orbis’s face twists into confusion as Omnis flashes an evil grin. Screams from the city make it up to Orbis who looks down into Metro City to find all those below clutching at their heads. The screams turn to silence as everyone succumbs to Omnis’s mind control spells. And then.. the singing starts.

Soft at first.
“He’s got the whoooole world.. in his hands.”

Then louder.
“He’s got the whole damn world.. in his hands.”

Then the singing changes from soft and melodic to eerie and more monstrous.
“He’s got the whoooole world.. in his hands.”

Until finally the people within Metro City are screaming at the top of their lungs, as if possessed by demons.


The terrifying scene takes its toll on Orbis who falters in his confidence. Omnis can sense his brother’s fear now and figure he might as well twist the knife.

“Now that you’ve heard them sing..” Omnis begins. “Would you like to watch them die!?”

The Atarians below grab their heads and begin to scream in pain, Omnis’s spell beginning to unravel their minds and fray their sanity.

“I won’t let you do this.” Orbis says with tears streaking down his face. “These people and this planet don’t deserve this. They didn’t ask for any of this. I will save them. I must!”

Orbis looks down one final time at the Atarians, their anguish overwhelming him and pushing him to the limit.

“I am their savior!” Orbis exclaims as he summons his Keyblade to his hand and points it right at Omnis.

A green beam of light streaks from the end of the blade and encapsulates Omnis, creating a sort of green bubble around him. Omnis reaches out to touch the bubble and as soon as his hand touches the magical cage, he recoils it in pain. Omnis screams like a madman now, enraged by what Orbis has done, a throwback to the thousands of years the two were locked in stasis.

“Never again will I be caged!” Omnis rages. “I will kill them all! I will destroy this entire planet before that happens again.”

“Help us Orbis!” “Save us!” “We are sorry!”

The cries of the Atarians are lifted up to both the Maker’s ears as people on the ground begin to realize they have put their hope and trust in the wrong brother. Orbis was painted a murderer upon his arrival when in reality he was anything but. Now, he stands to deliver them from the true villain.

“Seems like you are weaker than you thought, brother.” Orbis says, mocking Omnis. “They are not the ants that you see them as, but rather, they are strong! These Atarians will fight for their freedom and fight for their lives! You will never rule them.”

“We’ll see about that.” Omnis replies. “Let’s see how they fair against each other! Maybe that mighty dragon of Shinra’s will annihilate them all!”

The Atarians below are met with a stinging buzzing in their ears as the full mind control spell subsides, but little do they know that their minds are still controlled by Omnis, just in a different way.


Metro City Sitewide Battle

Rufus stammered as he spoke when he looked to Gaige, seeing a red eyed version of the fighter, her gun aimed at Rufus.

“Ok you ass,” Gaige barked, hopping in rage.  “We’re gonna clean your-ah, Rufus, what’s ah..what’s going on?”

  Instead of Rufus as she knew him Gaige saw the former president wearing half a Raider mask and adorned in Skag beast bones. 

In fact all of the fighters had fallen prey to Omnis’ spell and were seeing what he wanted them to see; the worst versions of each fighter, or what their minds convinced them were under the radar machinations.

Drake threw a furious haymaker into Shen’s jaw, cutting his hand on the ninja’s mask but ignoring the pain.  Shen dashed away to try and recollect his thought, narrowly avoiding The Boss’s frantic gun fire.  Gaige turned to face Orbis who she now saw with devil horns protruding from his forehead and fire raging behind him.

“Back off Devil boy!”  Gaige screamed as her amulet flashed and her ENTANGLE spell wrapped around Orbis, holding him tight and out of Gaige’s way as she moved on to the next person.  Before she could get five feet Gaige got knocked onto her butt by one of Erika’s energy bolts.

Erika backed away, firing shot after shot in a panic.  She fired one bolt that soared through the air, high above the massive brawl, before striking Jhin in the leg, delaying his shot by a few seconds.

“If we could all just stick…to…the…SCRIPT!”  He fired shot at a mobile Sonic, the shot missing the hedgehog and striking Shen’s chest, the armor stopping the bullet but the blow throwing the ninja back.  Jhin turned from the main brawl and fired a pair of shots at an Orbis who, from Jhin’s point of view, was draped in a long black cloak.

The figure took the hits, falling back and nearly losing control of the bubble it had trapped Omnis in.

Shen got to his feet, glanced around at the villains around him, then performed a quick complex gesture with both hands and cast FEAR.  For a brief moment everyone, even Orbis, were struck with severe panic, the mental anguish cocktail freezing the battle long enough for Shen to move to a more tactile position.

As the group regained its composure, relatively speaking, Gaige leapt onto Heather’s back, her metal hand grasping for purchase as she smacked Heather with her other hand.  Heather shrieked in panic at the image of a faceless nurse scrambling onto her and she shook Gaige loose.  Before Gaige could get back to her feet a bullet tore through her calf, and The Boss howled with triumph as her CRIPPLE attack struck.

“No punk bitches are taking MY territory!”  She pumped a fist in the air before taking aim at Drake, who was sprinting forward.  Drake narrowly dodged the next shot, tackling The Boss to the ground and pinning her.

“Where’s Flynn?  I know you’re working for that snake, where is he?”  Drake screamed in the Boss’s face.  As they struggled Sonic dashed past, striking Drake with a high speed punch and knocking Drake to the side by five feet.

  Sonic continued through the fight, spin dashing and punching as he went, trying to smash the illusions of Robotnik’s robots running around. 

Rufus and Heather worked their way past, the clang of blades ringing through the air.  Heather brought her katana down and held Rufus in place for a moment.  When she shifted her weight Rufus rolled to the side in an attempt to dodge the attack but felt the cold metal slice into his ribcage. 

When Rufus got back to the feet he checked the shallow cut, his hand glowing white from his Materia.  Heather got into a defensive stance and glared at Rufus.  They simultaneously shouted and ran forward, striking each other at the same time and moving past, both limping slightly.

Sonic dug his heels into the ground, throwing up a fantail of dirt.  A bolt of Erika hit the ground just in front of him and without hesitation Sonic was running for Erika, rolling into a flying kick into Erika’s shoulder.  As she spun from the attack Sonic spin dashed back into her, jumping off and running back into the main fray.

Omnis struggled against the bubble.  “You think this will stop me, brother?”

Orbis’ face was grave.  “It has to.  You’ve no right to-“

“NO RIGHT??”  Omnis’s scream also echoed through the fighters’ minds and everyone stopped fighting to deal with the severe ringing in their heads.  Even Orbis reeled from the attack, the bubble shimmering with his lapsed concentration.  But he redoubled his efforts and the bubble was back up, Omnis back to attempting escape. 

Heather recovered first, taking aim from across the park turned battlefield and hitting The Boss with her ASSASSINATE move.  Without missing a beat Heather turned to Rufus, who was looking like he did in the old days, and Heather fired her HEATHER BEAM.

Rufus took the hit and dropped to one knees, his head still ringing from the Omnis attack.  Rufus focused and harnessed his White Materia, his arms and chest glowing white as he prepared to deal out VALOROUS STRIKES.  Drake approached Rufus with a rock in his hand, ready to smash Rufus’ skull but Rufus swung a bright white backhand into Drake.  Drake flew across the battlefield and slammed into The Boss, the two of them rolling into Gaige as well.

Underneath the fighters Gaige let out a strung of curse words and called out “I got friends you dicks!  Deathtrap, bring the party!”  As DEATHTRAP arrived it fired a gust of flame from a flamethrower at Shen, fired a shotgun blast at Sonic, and whipped out a chainsaw on a swivel arm and began wildly attacking.

Gaige also grasped her amulet in a CALL OF ATARIUS and a pet came forth, crashing into the battle and knocking Orbis aside as it stomped in.  Jhin avoided the pet and dashed across the field, getting to a nearby tree and prepping to roll out his DRUMFIRE.  Jhin peered through his scope and centered Drake in his sight.  With a trio of trigger pulls Jhin riddled Drake with bullet holes and watched his fall dead.  Also within the same minute Jhin watched Drake’s DUPLICATE form shimmer into nothing and the real Drake run past, still alive and well.

Deathtrap tore across the battlefield, following Sonic and firing rubber bullets at the hedgehog’s feet, causing him to briefly stumble but then regain his footing.  Heather watched them run towards her and she crouched, preparing an attack.  Sonic dashed past and Heather swung, trying to hit Sonic but slicing into Deathtrap instead.  Before she could follow up with an attack Heather felt the energy powered bullets of Gaige’s gun slam into her lower back.

Shen watched Orbis from the shadows.  Certain he was the cause of the chaos the ninja moved with a quick stealth that kept him from detection until he struck.  Orbis was now hovering over one of the last still-standing buildings, so focused on containing Omnis that the Maker never noticed Shen until the Spirit Blade pierces deep into his spine.  Orbis gasped, his focus gone as this blow did enough damage to render him unable to keep Omnis trapped.  The bubble around Omnis faded and the Savior loosed his own battle cry, now free of his brother’s control.

“Open your eyes brother!”  Omnis growled. “I want you to watch them die!”
He cast his hands out and hit the area with another spell, this time overwhelming The Boss and Drake.  As the buzzing grew to blinding pain beyond any migraine, Drake fell unconscious before he could activate his Mini Epoch and The Boss let out a final gunshot in defiance before passing out.

As the fight resumed, Erika put away her bow and pulled a Pokeball from her belt.  “Victreebel!  Let’s go!”  As the plant Pokémon appeared and let out a shrill cry Erika heard a gunshot then felt one of Jhin’s bullets tear through her shoulder.  Making sure to push on Erika and Victreebel moved into the fray, with Heather in her sights. 

Shen and Heather dueled, with heather fending off Shen with each strike until her footing slipped.  Seizing his opportunity Shen delivered a trio of CONCUSSIVE BLOWS, stunning heather long enough for Victreebel to deal a winning LEAF BLADE strike.  Heather fell to her knees and remained conscious long enough to see the illusion fade and Omnis hovering over all of them.  As she tried to speak the last of her strength vanished and Heather fell forward.

Sonic and Gaige were in the thick of it, with Gaige firing shot after shot but Sonic deftly dodging both Gaige and Deathtrap.  Gaige finally stopped firing and screamed “Will you stop MOVING???” And green light blasted out of Gaige’s amulet as Sonic was stopped in place by the ENTANGLE spell.  Held captive Sonic could only brace for impact as Deathtrap pulled a bat from its compartments and slam the wood into Sonic’s stomach.

The wind left Sonic’s lungs but he stayed conscious.  He struggled against the spell long enough to watch Victreebel slice deathtrap in half and Erika dance past with the moves of a PHANTOM DANCER.  The illusion faded for him as well and Sonic could see Omnis for what he was.  But before Sonic could shout out a warning Shen knocked the hedgehog unconscious. Omnis watched over as Rufus, Shen, Gaige, Erika, and Jhin continued to battle it out. 
“See how pathetic they are, brother. You gave up your life for these nothings. A pity really.” Omnis mocks his brother, holding his limp body up with one hand. “Keep watching. There’s more to see.”

Omnis snapped a finger and the illusion ramped up, the buzzing now constant in the fighter’s minds and the people who had yet to evacuate all crying out in pain, a sharp buzz in their minds coming from some unknown source.  Car horns honked and sirens went off, only adding to the mental anguish as Omnis extended his power.

Rufus let out curse words as his head rang.  He put out a FORCE OF WILL as Gaige utilized her MIGHT OF MOCKERY, taunting Jhin with both middle fingers up and a silly dance.  Rufus extended a hand but a thorny vine wrapped around his wrist and yanked him aside.  While Rufus fought with Victreebel Gaige and Shen focused on Jhin.  The Blackwatch leader fired shot after shot, some hitting their marks but most missing as the illusion faded for him.

“No, stop, can’t you see we’re in a different play?  It’s a comedy of errors, not a tragedy!”  Jhin screamed but Gaige silenced him with a hook to his face, the metal arm clanging against his mask.  Shen didn’t wait for Jhin to fall before he grabbed Gaige by the hair and threw her aside.  Gaige slammed into a tree, the buzzing finally subsiding as she saw Rufus battling with Victreebel, its razor edged leaves bouncing off an invisible barrier around him and Erika moving in to sneak attack him.

“This…this isn’t right.”  Gaige looked up at Shen.  “Dude, don’t you see this is wrong?  We need to be-“ But Shen silenced Gaige with a swift chop to her temple, knocking her unconscious and leaving only Rufus and Erika.
Rufus, his arm healed from the previous attack, struck Victreebel hard, knocking the Pokémon into Erika’s arms.

  As it retreated into the Pokeball Erika drew her bow, her minor wounds knitting themselves together.

“This ends here.”  Rufus growled, his hands glowing white.  Erika nodded solemnly then fired her bow.  Rufus jumped back from the attack but noticed too late that the single bolt had split into three.  While two struck the ground the third hit Rufus directly in the forehead.  He head whipped back from the impact and he remained standing, the light fading from his hands.  Rufus watched the illusion wash away just before everything turned black.

Erika let out a sigh.  Then horrible pain engulfed her as Shen dashed by with his Spirit Blade slicing into Erika.  A quick spin slammed the bow into Shen’s face and the two regained their composure as they faced off.  The air was still and a cool wind blew across the now destroyed park, the grass dancing with the wind as Erika and Shen stood like statues. 

Omnis looked on from above, happy with his progress and eagerly awaiting the final blows.  Then, in the blink of an eye, Shen was three feet past Erika and Erika was doubled over.  A pair of CRITICAL HITS had dropped Erika out of the fight, her body bruised and down with the others.

Shen stood, victorious, in the once lovely park in Metro City, now littered with Atarians’ blood.  Chunks of dirt and grass were tossed about while the few trees were split or turning to ash in the fires that engulfed them.  Omnis looked down at his handiwork and smiled. 

With 39 HP, Shen wins!


“Finish him.” Omnis instructs as he tosses Orbis like a ragdoll at the feet of the Eye of Twilight.

Shen instantly draws his Spirit Blade out and prepares for the killing blow. As Shen drives his katana forward, a mere inches away from the tip of the blade plunging into Orbis’s heart, a loud CLANG ring out and Shen’s blade is sent flying. Orbis, Omnis, and Shen all are stunned by the sudden presence of Sora, a white aura radiating from his body.

“I speak for Atarius and Atarius chooses Orbis!” Sora exclaims as he places his hand onto Orbis, filling him with the energy and hope of the planet.

Orbis rises into the air as his body is instantly mended, the healing powers of the planet flowing freely from Sora and into the Maker. Orbis’s mind is repaired, his hair grows back, and all of his strength is restored. The fire in Orbis returns as he is seemingly reborn by the planet.. Atarius’s chosen Maker. All those present marvel in his glory and power as he now stands ready to truly take on Omnis.

“The planet chose wrong!” Omnis exclaims as he lunges forward and drives his own Keyblade straight into the heart of Orbis.

The light of Atarius dies in that moment. All hope to vanquish Omnis fades. Sora’s mouth drops and his heart swells with pain as his mentor is struck a mortal blow.

Omnis cackles as he knows he has done the unthinkable. Turning his Keyblade loose, Orbis remains upright, suspended in both mid-air and time, with the blade still stuck inside his chest.

The Savior looks over to Sora, who is still in total shock, and spats at him. “It is finished!”

Omnis then rips the Keyblade from his brother’s chest and raises his Keyblade in victory. Orbis falls backwards into the arms of Sora and stares up at the boy as his light begins to fade. As he takes his final breath, Orbis mutters his last words to Sora, a mere whisper, and then a Maker of Atarius closes his eyes for the final time. As Orbis’s eyes close, his body rises into the air and begins to disintegrate, the Maker’s power being absorbed and transferred to Omnis. returning back to the planet. His power, however, is transferred to Omnis however, he begins to rise into the air as if he is ascending into the heavens themselves.

Omnis begins to rise into the air as if he is ascending into the heavens themselves. Omnis lifts his arms higher into the air as he continues to rise and receive his brother’s powers, until he nears the clouds. The Savior’s form begins to change as he is flooded with more and more power and a powerful light begins to eminate from around him, preventing any one person from seeing the entirety of his new form. The light grows from an aura to being as bright as the sun, forcing everyone to shield their eyes or risk going blind.

And then the light explodes, sending rays of energy down into the city. Everyone present, including the cameras that have been rolling the entire time bear witness to the Maker’s transformation.
And then, the unthinkable happens: Omnis blinks out of existence and disappears.

Moments Later

As the Atarians on the ground struggle to process the reality of what has just happened, some unable too as they openly weep. Members of the SHIELD begin to pull each other up from the rubble and make amends for the battle.

“Sorry about that.” Drake says as he extends a hand to Rufus. “Not the best first impression.”

“No apology necessary, my friend.” Rufus replies with a fake smile, his own thoughts focused on what to do next.

“Get up you blue furball!” Gaige shouts to Sonic as she dusts him off like a puppy.

“Do you know how condescending this is?” Sonic asks, annoyed to no end by Gaige.

“Is my wittle hedgehog okkkaaayy?” Gaige asks with a higher-than-normal pitched voice.

Sonic grabs Gaige’s hand and slowly rotates it away from his face, pulling the leader of SHIELD to his face, seemingly threatening to attack her. Gaige realizes her mistake and tries to pull away, but Sonic’s grip is

surprisingly strong. Sonic pulls her down until the two are nose to nose and Gaige is beside herself, uttering curse word after curse word, pleading for Sonic not to hurt her.

“I’m fine!” Sonic says with a smirk, Gaige instantly calming down. “You should really get that looked at though.”

“What?” Gaige asks.

And then Sonic reaches out and bites Gaige’s nose, turning her loose and speeding off. “Catch yah later!”

Meanwhile, The Boss and Jhin find themselves looking at one another, the Boss flanked by her posse, Jhin flanked by Whisper and Perfection.

“You and I.” Jhin begins. “I think we could put on quite a show.”

“Perhaps.” The Boss replies coyly. “What’dja have in mind?”

“Blackwatch Headquarters.” Jhin states. “I’ll be waiting.”

Next to Sora, Shen rests on his knees, unable to comprehend his actions. “I… I…the balance.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Erika says, comforting the ninja. “No one blames you Shen.”

“Yes, but..” Shen begins, but Sora speaks, cutting the Eye off.

“The Heart Shard!” Sora shouts, realizing Omnis left without it and that it’s still somewhere in the city. “We have to find it, now! Before the Overwatch arrive!”

This was true. Surely, by now, the President would have issued orders for the Overwatch to be dispatched and if they get their hands on another Heart Shard, Omnis will continue to gain more favor and more power.

“We have it.” Peach says, accompanied by Rosalina.

Sora looks at the Heart Shard and then back up to Peach, who nervously holds it. Poetic justice some would say as Peach worked so hard to prevent the Heart Shards from being unlocked and now she is presumably giving it over to Sora to do just that.

“When you’re ready, throw it into the air.” Sora instructs, giving her the chance to search her own heart for the truth.

Peach looks down at the Heart Shard for a few moments and then hurls it into the air, the freedom of finally knowing the truth breaking the chains that held her back. The Heart Shard whirls into the air and then Sora points his Keyblade at it, the beam of light catching it in mid-air. The Shard instantly bursts into a brilliance of color, the world of Metro City vanishing with it.

Heihachi watches from across the table as General Bison looks back at him with unsure eyes before vanishing.

The cameras are rolling inside the ANN headquarters as Chun Li realized what was happening moments before and gave her final farewell. “This is Chun Li Xang, signing…” She vanishes in the middle of her goodbye.

"What do we do now?" Peach asks as she watches the Heart Shard burst.

"Orbis's last words.." Sora states rather mysteriously, those present practically begging for him to finish his thoughts.

"Go see Ulthane. "