The Forge

"Ulthane is an Old One with a unique perspective on the endless machinations between the Overwatch & Blackwatch – they don't concern him one bit. He greets Demons and Angels alike with a wink, a merry whistle, and the business end of his black hammer. Through the dark lens of his twisted humor, all is a lark."

"This is my Forge, yahhear? I don give a sheht about yer wars or yer problems. If yah've got the coins, then yah've got yer wehpons. Till then, if you plan on usin' them hands ever again... You'd best not go touchin'... that what ain't yers."

                                                                             - The Black Hammer


The following items are all that can be taken into combat:
  • 1 Armor
  • 1 Weapon
  • 1 Off-hand
  • 1 Potion
  • 1 Summon

300 Coins - Armor
Upon purchasing this item you are given three slots to choose what defensive stats you would like to craft into your armor. Two additional slots can be purchased for $200 Coins each.
  • +5 HP
  • +1 Armor
  • +3 Magic Resistance

300 Coins - Weapon
There are three types of weapons to choose from now! Each one has their own pros and cons and fit certain classes better than others. You may also purchase a 2nd Weapon to use in your offhand! Each Ranged Weapon holds 4 shots. Upon running out of shots, you must spend one full round Reloading your weapon. If you have x2 Ranged Weapons, you must spend 2 full rounds reloading.
  • Shield:                          +0 ST, +30 HP
  • Mage Weapon:             +1 ST, +2 SK
  • Light Weapon:              +2 ST, +1 SP 
  • Heavy Weapon:            +3 ST

Off-Hand Items

Each of these items will automatically activate when your current HP falls to 35 or less. These items are Once Per Battle, but the effects are quite powerful for such a small investment.

Choose wisely!
300 Coins - Amulet of Protection

  • Passive: +20 HP
  • Active: Gain +5 DR and then Taunt target opponent for the next 3 rounds.
300 Coins - Stealth Suit / Cloak of Invisibility

  • Passive: +2 SP
  • Active: Dodge & Counter the next 2 basic attacks made against you.
300 Coins - Ring of Reflection

  • Passive: +2 SK
  • Active: Reflect the next 2 Specials or Abilities made against you back to that opponent.

300 Coins - Bag of Goodies

Passive: +10 HP | +1 SP
Active: Dodge the next 1 attack made against you and Heal 10 HP. 

300 Coins - Amulet/Talisman/Lantern of Deflection/Absorption/Empowerment
Imagine an energy absorption device/something that gives you

Passive: +10 HP | +1 SK
Active: Negate the next 1 Special or Ability that would damage you and gain that much Guard instead.

300 Coins - Mask of Mirrors

Passive: +1 SP | +1 SK
Active: Summon a clone for the next 2 rounds. If that clone is targeted, it is defeated and that opponent gains Stun 1.

Class Items - $300 Coins
Please see the Class Page for these items and their abilities and how they work.

Potions - $500 Coins

Synthesized and developed from various places across the planet, these new Potions will allow you to use some of the rarest substances known to Atarius to your advantage in combat.

These Potions are activated when you roll your Primary Special and happen immediately following. Potions can be dodged or negated like any other Item Special, unless stated otherwise. Upon purchasing, you get an unlimited supply so if you happen to roll your PS three times in a fight, you'll use three potions also. 

Mortal Reminder- A sample of the same power Zeus used to strip Kratos of his god powers.
     -Effect: Deals 1(SK) damage to target opponent and removes all buffs from one opponent. (Unblockable)

Blood of the Khameleon- Extracted from Outworld's Zaterrans, using this will allow you to adapt to your enemy and gain additional defenses.
     -Effect: Gain Invincible for 5 rounds. Each type of attack (Auto or Spec/Abil) that you prevent gives you +1 Armor   
                  and/or +3 MR.

Mother's Gift- Created from remnants of the original geostigma virus, this temporary disease weakens       fighters where they are strongest.
     -Effect: Reduce target opponent's highest non-HP stat by -20.

Mega Mushroom Extract- Created from red mushrooms found in Mushroom Kingdom that increase the users size and strength.
     -Effect: You gain Bravery 5 and all of your auto attacks automatically 'Crit' for the next 5 rounds.

Taste of Chaos- Created from the gem dust of the Chaos Emeralds that converts speed into power.
     -Effect: All of your auto attacks deal an additional 1(SP) damage for the next 5 rounds.

Awkward Silence- Use the power of Kefka to eliminate the magic of your opponents. *Uweee heh heh*
     -Effect: Negate all Specials or Abilities target opponent would use for the next 5 rounds.

Toxic Torch- Developed by Shadaloo to both illuminate and weaken their targets in combat warzones.
     -Effect: Mark target opponent for the next 5 rounds.

True Ice- Harnessed from the ancient magic ice of the Freljord to freeze an enemy in their tracks.
     -Effect: Target opponent becomes Paralyzed for the next 3 rounds.

Hellfire- Created from the flames of the Netherrealm that sets your enemies ablaze. *Toasty!*
     -Effect: Target opponent ignites for Fire 5 for the next 4 rounds.

Lightning in the Bottle- Captured in the Thunder Plains, the bottle holds the raw and violent power of a single lightning bolt.
     -Effect: Target opponent's items are disabled for the next 5 rounds.

Essence of Hope- Contains a wisp of the lifestream that washes over your body, healing your wounds and placing you into a state of rest.
     -Effect: Heal 10 HP and then become untargetable for the next 5 rounds or until you attack. For each round you                            remain in this state, Heal 5 HP.

Summons -$1000 Coins

These ancient creatures are among the most powerful Summons that all of Atarius has ever known. Each one has been considered a diety since their existence, shaped the world with their mighty power, and completely altered history when summoned to fight. Now, you have the chance to wield the awe-inspiring powers of these mystical beings by seeking out their help and then by paying tribute.

The Summons are activated by rolling a (1) on the dice and because these Summons are so powerful (and expensive), they come with a couple of bonuses:

1) All of the effects below are Unblockable
2) Cannot be disabled by item-disabling effects.

Tidal Wave: Deal 2(SK) to all opponents and disable their ability to dodge for the remainder of combat.
Hellfire: Deal 2(SK) damage to all opponents and they get Fire 3 for the remainder of combat.
Gaia’s Wrath: Deal 2(SK) damage to all opponents and reduce their maximum stat in any non-HP category to 41 for the remainder of combat.
Divine Intervention: Clear all negative status effects from self and all allies and grant each player one stack of Barrier and Protect. You and all allies cannot have negative status effects placed upon you for the remainder of combat.
Ruby Light: You and all allies gain Reflect 5.
Flames of Rebirth: Heal 1(SK) HP to self and all allies and then upon defeat each person revives with their current HP when this is summoned.
Megaflare: Deal 4(SK) damage to all opponents.
Diamond Dust: Deal 3(SK) damage to all opponents and they become Paralyzed for the next 5 rounds.
Zantetsuken: Deal 2(SK) damage to all opponents and then any opponent with 10HP or less is automatically defeated.
Demi: All opponents current HP is reduced by ½.
Tempest: Deal 2(SK) damage to all opponents and disable all opponents' non-Summon items for the remainder of combat.
Knights of the Round
Ultimate End: You and all allies deal an additional +5 damage to all of your attacks for the remainder of combat.
Legendary Items
All Legendary Items activate upon the roll of a 1 or 11 and cannot be disabled. All effects are OPB.

Golden Rings of the Makers: The Makers imbued these rings with pieces of their magic, granting both power and protection to the owner. Rumor has it that at the center of every Keyblade a Golden Ring exists.

Effect: When activated and every 5 rounds after being successfully attacked, gain a Golden Ring. Whenever you would take damage, if you have a Ring stored, you take zero damage instead. (Can only store 1 Ring at a time)

Schala's Pendant: After the death of the Gaspar, the Guru of Time, FATE called upon Magus to become the new Guru. Surrendering in his heart that he would never be able to save Schala, Magus accepted his fate.

Effect: Spekkio is summoned to the battlefield with stats of 50/41/41/41. While a "Summon" is active, Gaige takes zero damage.

Oathkeeper: Following the first Blight, each Commander of the Grey is bestowed the sacred item that was forged with the blood of Urmiel, the first Archdemon, to serve as a reminder to their oath: "In peace, Vigilance. In war, Victory. In death, Sacrifice."

Effect: When activated and for every 25 HP lost after that, summon a Grey Warden to the battlefield with stats of 20 HP.

Keys to Hell: Being chosen for possession by a demon can shatter the mind and permanently damage a person's grip on reality. But to willingly embrace the power of the Demon's lifeblood running within you.. few are so lucky.

Effect: Gain +50 to a random non-HP stat. (Can exceed Max Cap.)

Eye of the Beholder: Nothing is as beautiful as your first kill. View other legendary killers take their first life and feel the inspiration flow through you. Watch as your victim shakes in terror as the Reaper nears.

Effect: Gain +3 Damage and Paralyze target opponent for the next 3 rounds. (Unblockable)

Father's Embrace: After the Master of the Kinkou Order was brutally murdered, the Eye felt lost in his eternal quest to keep the balance. Upon hearing his father's voice one final time and learning he had done well, the fire burned brighter and and he remained steafast in his watch.

Effect: Upon defeat, return to the battlefield with 1/2 of your MAX HP. (All buffs/debuffs fall off)

Rift Roulette: It can be said that both Heroes and Villains alike often have a favorite weapon of choice for battle. Spin the wheel and let fate decide which Legendary Weapon you will be gifted!

Effect: Drake immediately equips a random +3-10 Melee Weapon. (The weapon cannot be disabled)

Ring of the Fireflower: Forged with the essence of a Fireflower, Mario was to ask for Princess Peach's hand in marriage with this ring before his untimely murder at the hands of the Pillars. Mario willed it to the redeemed Ex-President of Atarius before Orbis was killed.

Effect: Deal an additional +2 additional damage to all of your attacks and all damage dealt to you is reduced by -2.